Elders Trash Face Book

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  • choosing life
    choosing life

    It is really hard to believe that a religion would spy on its members on the internet. It just screams mind control cult. Can you imagine a Catholic priest or a Methodist minister doing something like that?

    Sad part is that I know it is true. A young man here was dfd for things he posted on the internet.

  • undercover
    It has been obvious for some time now that facebook is not exactly the most discreet of mediums for having a "private" chat.

    Yea, it should be obvious and anyone that doesn't want anything made public about themselves shouldn't divulge too much info on any site...

    But that's not really the issue here.

    The issue is that people are being spied on by elders and then interrogated. The motive is not to catch wrongdoing as much as it is to keep dubs from using the Internet. By making examples of people caught with their online panties down they'll demonize the Internet even more and try to scare other dubs from joining online communities.

    Control through fear.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Wow! George Orwell would be proud of those juvie brats men!


  • Gregor

    I asked the following as a thread title one month ago

    Has there been a JW Facebook directive?

    This thread now clears up what I suspected with an incident that involved my JW relative. She abruptly shut down her facebook account. (She is now back on, however)

  • Dagney

    I'm telling you...missionaries who know I'm out requested to be my friend. They are standing there all cute at a convention with their badges on. Aww.

    I think the threat to stay off the internet is big, but won't stop people...it's ridiculous. There are FB Nazi elders looking for nasties, some are just like that...they think it's a worthwhile endeavor. I say go at it!!!

  • oompa

    i dont understand how any elder could get any dirt unless you accepted them as a friend?.......anyone?......you do have to be careful even of what DF'd friends you have there, as one of mine switched teams and went back and outed me......complete with copies of my facebook pages...in living color!!........

    facebook is a fave part of my still double life....(wifey is VERY curious about what my page is like...all these friends and not a dub among them.......kinda funny when dubs hit me up there.....i just never accept them as friends and tell them it is because i am only checking it about twice a year......then give them my e-mail address as the best way to contact me..........oompa

  • cameo-d

    Why aren't they out visiting the sick or doing something to help someone?

    Why are they all wannabe CIA agents?

    What kind of life is that just to continually look to dig up some dictated church infraction on someone?

    This whole religion is based on judging people and making their lives hell.

    It has nothing at all to do with following any teachings of Jesus.

  • flipper

    UNDERCOVER- Your second take is more accurate. They are the gestapo, not elders. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • MrsPeaches


    Instead of concentrating on helping the young ones, youth camps/groups, they troll the popular websites to see if they can catch them doing a no-no. Helping the flock is completely outside the realm of possibility. What a useless bunch of leaders.

    That is how it is set up from HQ...no "extra" effort to help couples or youth or anybody...just keep everybody in fear of expulsion in order to "keep the congregation clean."

    this is so true. They get more of a kick out of catching someone doing something wrong then seeing someone 'progress' in the troof (vomit)

  • cameo-d

    If it wasn't for having a "Judicial Committee" there would be no JW religion.

    The elders would have no jobs or pompous importance.

    The JC is the glue that holds this org together....not the slave or the GB.

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