Elders Trash Face Book

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  • WTWizard

    They don't want anyone to have any fun. They want you to stay celibate (especially men, who they want to use to plunge the whole world into the Second Dark Ages so they can make their own laws). Facebook can get around that--and the hounders will have a miserable time trying to trash you before you get around to anything there.

    And, they will do whatever they have to. Using fake usernames, impersonating apostates, and these friend requests all allow the hounders and hounder-hounders to get into the accounts. Once there, they will look through your bulletin boards, forum posts, and blog posts as well as private chats. If they find something they can use against you, they will print it out and bring it to the hounding call. From there, it's their option as to what to do next: disfellowship or kidnap (and enslave).

    Making it difficult involves using an avatar that does not include your own picture (and, in fact, could mislead any hounders) and a handle that they cannot guess who they are looking at. Give your real name only by private message (if at all), or by regular e-mail (and then only if you have a legitimate reason to). They will still see the posts and bulletins, but will have a miserable time proving that it is you.

    That is, unless you do not want to pio-sneer. You get the application shoved in your face, and mutter "I think I will go home tonight and open a MySpace or Facebook account". The slip will end up in the garbage--especially if they can find your profile. The best part is you can do both, and tell them only about one (and use a different handle and avatar on the other, where you really trash the witlesses).

  • shamus100

    That's what happens when you blather your life all over the net.

  • steve2

    Oh for god's sake you Americans blabbing about everything on facebook. I thought an elder could only see what was in your facebook if you accepted him as a friend. Mind control - what rubbish. More like mindless control. Who's letting the elders into their facebook then crying foul?

  • HintOfLime

    The "truth" with set you free indeed.

    - Lime

  • LouBelle

    so immature

  • hotspur

    Why is the sauce not just for the Gander..... surely it applies to the Goose as well?

    You should be able to 'out' an elder for spotting you on facebook!


  • Bangalore



  • jookbeard

    my heart missed a beat then until I saw that the thread was a year ago and seeing a certain stupid whore's name there, has it been a year already since she graced us with her presence?

  • confuzzled777

    OH Yeah, I found this FIRST hand. I had NOTHING to hide on my facebook, but noticed that there was an elder's wife who I had as a "friend" on facebook. I thought that it was odd that she NEVER posted. After hearing things and finding out that elders had been on my page snooping at my pics before my "interview", I knew exactly WHY that elder's wife had requested me as a "friend". Right before I was df'd I took ALL witnesses off my "friends" list and made my wall "private".

    Since then I have made my wall public again. I have my mom, sister and good friend that are witnesses, as my friends. At this point I would LOVE for the witnesses in my old cong. to see what I am doing. See that I am healing without their help!

    The week after the announcement of 3 df's and with mine the next week, the PO was giving a talk on saving the back row of seats for those who come in late and such. He then took the opportunity to say that they should also save the back row for the df'd as they come in late and do not associate with the rest of the cong. He went on to say that because the df'd cannot associate with those in the cong. that this would include texting, e-mailing and other social networks on the internet. He made DARN sure of this because the 4 that had been df'd because of the witch hunt, were all good friends PLUS good friends with those still in good standing. It was such a stab in the back.....like just taking the knife and twisting it over and over.

    So sorry to keep rambling. This has been on my mind for months and months and I do discuss it with my non witness friends and my parents and sister. The more I think about it, the angrier I get.


  • CuriousButterfly

    I have FB and love it, I am able to keep in contact with long lost friends. How I look at it, if you do not want "certain" people to read your info/posts then do not let it for the world to see. My account is locked down that no one can see my friends only a photo of me. I even locked it down where my name does not come up if you search for my name.

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