Elders Trash Face Book

by sammielee24 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • sammielee24

    Just found out that Elders and spies are trolling face book and my space. Some Elders in xxx congregation began trolling face book looking for wayward souls and using the links to other friends etc to get more info. They waited until they had enough ammo on the 'friends' and then printed off some of the conversations being had....questioned the 'friends' who of course denied everything..and then they produced the printed copies to catch them in the lies. Warnings about being on the internet and social pages are in full force - sammieswife.

  • JWoods

    Didn't I see Obama denounce facebook as well?

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    No...really they been going on there??? ha.....immature if thats true.......i dont see anything wrong with it..just chatting to ya mates.....i still have to open up one lol...x

  • JimmyPage

    They'd better trash it. More and more ex-JWs are getting back in touch with each other through this wonderful tool of the Devil (or Al Gore?). Fortunately I have my friends hidden from outside view (a nice feature of the site). I know some people who have two accounts also, one for their brainwashed friends and one for those who have broken free from the mind control.

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    I have nothing to hide. But I know lots of people who live a different life on facebook and this will come to haunt them.

  • Dagney

    What about the elders who have Facebook accounts? I think they are mostly for networking/business...

    Those elders usually can't see chats or convo unless they are accepted as "friends." I wonder how they did it?

  • bibledike

    They need a life

  • sammielee24

    Some of what I was told was that they realized that when they found one person, they could simply clickon the friends and then that would link them to those friends...and on and on. Once they figured that out, they found some interesting and damaging wall posts and other information that was used to prove a point - I'm just passing along what I know coming from the horses mouth. Elders using it would be just as vulnerable as the next person I would guess....sammieswife.

  • Dagney

    Truth be told, this week in FB, a JW's name popped up in "add as friend." So just for the heck of it I clicked on her name, saw her firends and familiar faces, clicked on a few of the friends, an elder's name popped up, I clicked on him. He is a wheeler dealer $$$$$$$ guy. Sure enough...he had about 200 friends and an open FB account.

    I don't search around much on FB, just sort of keep in touch and meet people from JWN on it. It was REALLY wierd looking that those people I haven't seen or heard from in sooooooooooo long.

  • scotinsw

    I've had a few friend requests from JWs I knew from where I grew up. They are all still active so I refuse to add them as friends for this exact reason. I don't want anything incriminating to get back to anyone.

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