The Boring Life Of A Jehovah's Witness

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  • minimus

    When you think back at how boring being a Witness was, it's amazing that we lasted as long as we did.

    I hear JWs get sooo excited when they leave a tract with a person! A stupid little tract! Or if a Witness was asked to come into the same car that the Circuit Overseer was in, it would be considered such a "privilege".

    Speaking of "privileges", Witnesses get so thrilled because they were picked to read a scripture, pass the microphones or clean the toilets.

    Instead of rejoicing because of getting into a good college or winning a million dollar lottery, a good (boring) JW will exult over knocking on doors when nobody's at home or toiling as a window washer for Jehovah.

    Jehovah's Witnesses live in their own little boring world. They haven't got a clue!

  • vilot

    Not to mention you could spend decades in field service never to interest anyone in becoming a JW...

  • minimus

    Even when you answer, they want it robotically said, reading it from the paragraph. Why does anyone feel compelled to go to the meetings when you can stay home and get the exact same thing?

  • Quirky1

    They are soooo happy the end is near...


    When a CO Farts..

    Daisys pop up behind him..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s love that!..


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Hey i like it :) honestly..yup call me daft :) lol but i love to clean the kingdom hall.....if i can help out in anyway im happy.

    I just love to help...even neighbours so it doesnt just stop at the kingdom hall.......

    Dinner laters....xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    I used to think I loved doing all that "meaningful" work too. But then you WAKE UP and realized you are getting used. NO-ONE loves cleaning the bathrooms , wiping down the brothers urinal. NOBODY. If everyone loved it don't you think there would be a bigger line up for the privledge?

    I agree with Minimus ; many boring years spent doing very boring things.

    You even have to stifle laughing at the few funny things that happen at the kingdumb hall. No fun for YOU!

  • minimus

    Angel eyes why do you "love" to clean the Kingdom Hall? Do you simply love to clean??

  • minimus

    Angel eyes is a great example of the boring life of a Witness. If anyone "loves" to clean the Kingdom Hall, it's time to think about things. I almost believe some twits might 'love" doing menial things like cleaning the shitters.

  • cantleave

    When the most exciting thing in life is playing Kingdumb Maladies on your acoustic guitar, or going to a Barn Dance that finishes at 7pm, you know you need to get a real life.

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