The Boring Life Of A Jehovah's Witness

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  • minimus

    Cantleave, well stated!



    What Police Officer would`nt want to clean toilets?..LOL!

    Cops don`t see the kind of action on the street,that they do in a Kingdom Hall bathroom..

    Angel Eyes probably just pulls her gun and the bathroom cleans itself..


  • minimus

    Is she a cop? I don't get it.

  • jookbeard

    Min; she's a former cop, retired due to ill health



    So she says..

    I`ve got Cops in my family..I`ve worked with cops for years in the fitness industry..

    She`s like no Cop I`ve ever known..

    No sense of humour,likes to clean toilets..

    Has time to help everyone after work..


  • minimus

    She has sense of humor if she loves cleaning toilets.



    .I never retired lol and dont just have first aid but hey his welcome to be like his farther.I'll always be honest with you so your welcome to chat to me :) lovely to speak with you.x

    Angel Eyes says she never retired..She must still be a Cop..

    If we`re going to have a Cop on the board,I want a Funny Cop!..


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    The only type of JW I can think of that is both "exemplary" and not TOO boring is the fairly well-employed DINK (Double Income No Kids) couple where at least one is a pioneer and they spend at least a month a year traveling all over the world.

    They have instant local contacts wherever they go and are treated pretty well by the local dubs as long as they keep their heavy drinking under wraps.

    When they're home, the pioneer knows how to count time while doing errands, running the business and planning their next adventure.

    I know many couples like this.

    Just think how much more fun their travels would be if they didn't have the JW shackles on.


  • VIII

    My Aunt called me on Labor Day and told me it had to be quick because she was waiting for Lola to show up. I couldn't remember who that was, so I asked, pretty bored, since I actually was cleaning the toilet on Monday, at home.

    Aunt--"Oh, you remember, Sister So&So".

    Me---"Uh, kinda, sorta. Huh, why are you getting together on Labor Day at 2 PM?"

    Aunt--"We're going out in Field Service, silly! Lots of people should be home and they should even have people over for cookouts. Lots of opportunity to tell them about Jehovah and the End."

    Me--"Oh, riiiight."

    I figured I better change the subject real fast before I got questioned by my Aunt on why I wasn't going in FS. So I asked how her new driveway was coming along.

    Labor Day?! Field Service on Labor Day? In the afternoon?

    Seriously, I would clean my toilet with my tongue, rather than go door to door preaching on Labor Day in the Afternoon. And be happy to do it. The toilet that it.

    I got lucky when I was young and still in: my Mom fought against cleaning *priviledges*. We only had to do it at home, never at the KH. Thank god.

    Those people are soooo F'd up.

  • dissed

    Do you want to know what was really boring?

    Sitting at the old outdoor conventions at Dodger Stadium, on a hot afternoon, listening to a poor quality speaker mandating applause after every sentence, on a echoing sound system, and then trying to stay awake.

    I'm falling asleep just thinking about it. "Brothers, brothers, do you, you, you.. want to Para....para....para...dise?"

    My old pioneer partner used to say, "after enduring this, the "Great Tribulation" will be a piece of cake."

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