Even if not for most ... does being a JW work for some?

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  • PSacramento

    Angel eyes,

    You say that being a JW is hard, but worth it.

    Why hard?

    What do you think of what Jesus said, that he will carry are burdensome load and that HIS load, the load he gives us to carry, is light?

  • willyloman

    I think many ex-dubs, if they are honest about it, would admit that being a JW worked for them... for awhile, at least.

    But at some point it stopped working for them. And that led to questions with no answers. So they left.

    Not all ex-JWs fit that mold, of course. Many on this forum were never comfortable in the organization, having been born-in and forced to live the life. But those who came in voluntarily must have found some redeeming value in it. Some of those people get comfortable and stay, long after they become aware of the shortcomings. Others started from such a low place that the "Truth" looks like up to them.

    For that reason, I don't proselytize people "out." If they want out, I'm happy to answer their questions and show them the way. But I would not disturb someone who has nothing else to live for, or at least thinks that they don't. Why take away someone's fantasy? Life is hard enough.

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    Blues brother said exactly what I was thinking

  • cantleave

    There are a couple of complete misfits in every congregation, it works for them.

  • steve2

    It worked for me: My parents and extended family were JWs and in my formative years it was all I knew. It stopped working for me when my brain cells dared to become too active.

  • Balsam

    I sometimes think my ex-husband being a JW was the only thing that kept him from being some kind of psycho. He once told me he had such dark thoughts sometimes that it scared the hell out of him. He believed that his clinging to Jehober was the only think that kept him from being dangerous to himself and others. So he remains a JW and it works for him but I'm just thankful to be away from him and the crazy religion.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    The few.

    The proud.

    The JWs.

    You wusses just couldn't hack it.

    You tell 'em pjschipper!

  • oompa

    yes...those with bible charade addiction.......and uncontrollable underlining habits........

    but really what wobble said...i know a messed up kid that could not get sober without it and seemed to need the structure.......oompa

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    It seems to work for some people. If you are the kind of person that needs to be told what to do and when to do it, you might enjoy being a Jw. I call these type of people "institutional type personalities". They do well with a regimented lifestyle where little is left to personal choice.

    Bethel service is institutionalized living. So is pioneering, being an elder, ms or just conforming closely to all the various rules and the regimen of the witnesses.

    There is another kind of person that it seems to work for also. That is born-ins who can take or leave anything they choose to from the rules of the jws without a second thought. They have learned how to get/do what they want in spite of the religion.

    They are able to ignore anything that won't get them outright dfd. They party, drink, seek higher education, celebrate their birthdays in a roundabout way, dress as they please and just ignore any counsel to do more. It is just a social club for them.

    So, yeah, it works for some, but you never know when it might quit working. Life is always right outside the door and a wake-up call could come any time.

  • bluecanary

    I would suggest that the WBTS only ruin the lives of those who allow them to.

    False. I was raised as JW. I had no choice. I believed it wholeheartedly yes--because it was the ONLY thing I was taught. I was taught that what the WTS spoke was directly from God and my critical thinking skills were uncultivated. The WTS hurts innocent people who cannot choose or even think for themselves.

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