JW Opinions on Obama

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  • cantleave

    In the UK everyone is just glad that bush aint there and Palin never got anywhere near the Whitehouse. The witnesses think the same.

  • IWillBeDubbedNoMore

    Here is an article where a witness is questioned about the speech


    Brenda Wood and David Hughes are with a group of nine Jehovah's Witnesses visiting McDowell from Miami this week. Their opinion was that education is vitally important, not only to furthering a student's chances of prosperity but also to avoiding the pitfalls and temptations of youth.

    If the president takes a personal interest in encouraging kids to stay in school, said Wood, that's a good thing, and an example all should follow.

  • feenx

    you know really, JW's would make the best politicians. They can be just as seedy and two faced, there are many that are good public speakers and above all they are very, VERY talented at rationalizing anything they need to suit their wants while maintaining followers. What political party wouldn't want such blatant talent at BS-ing?

  • tenyearsafter

    I always find it amusing that my mother, a fifty year JW and absolute believer, ALWAYS has an opinion about the latest political going-ons. She justifies it by saying it is just observations of the "Time of the End" being played out. She does seem quite enamored by Obama's speaking skills...

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