We mutually ended my "studies" today

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  • chickpea

    your subject line... those
    words rank as one of my biggest
    "woulda, coulda, shoulda" regrets!!!

    at least YOU get to say them!!!!


    Eep, I never set out to upset them, but I think they fear they're losing their faith.

    This has to be one of the funniest storys I have read..

    JW`s cancelling a study,because they can`t answer questions..LOL!!..


  • Janey214

    Hi Arshia,

    Well here are the primary questions they couldn't answer for me - I'll try and be as concise as possible.

    1. Does Watchtower believe itself to be a prophet who has restored the primitive church or brought forth new revelations? If so, in what way have the prophecies been received? If not, then how exactly do they know they are doing as God directs.

    2. Why did the settle for the Protestant canon of scripture as opposed to the Latin Vulgate or the Greek Septuagint? What inspired them to use that canon rather than others?

    3. They dismiss various Old Testament ideas saying they were concluded with Christ. Their claims to me included that the Abrahamic Covenants were fulfilled, that the old priesthood authority was over in Christ. In relation to the promises in Revelation from which they take the 144,000 they say this was spiritual Israel and totally separate from the literal Israel of Abraham's covenant. Two things - if the OT covenants are no more then why are there still rainbows, and also where do they get the teaching that there is a 'spiritual and literal' Israel?

    4. The Bible is in their opinion only written for the 'anointed ones'. Again, where did they get this idea from?

    5. They hammer home the idea that there is some sort of checklist that a true 'organisation' must exhibit in order to be considered the true organisation which they of course believe is fulfilled by the Watchtower. At no point have they been able to show me one particular thing that they can say that they and only they practice.

    6. They said to me several weeks ago that they 'had no heavenly hope'. I am so very sad for them. I want to be able to meet Christ, to see Him and hear the timbre of His voice and do all I can for Him because of all He has done for me. Sadly they don't believe that they will be able to get to heaven because they are not of the 'anointed' class.

    7. They seem to have a complete disregard for other religions or faiths no matter how good they are or how close to the gospel they are, instead referring back to a constant need to be affiliated with the faithful and discreet slave. They actually said to me, in all honesty, 'well why not join the JW's because if you're right then you won't have lost anything', based on my belief that no honest seeker of Christ or even honest and good person will be 'annihalated' by God just because they weren't in the right church.

    I guess they're the main points. The fact that they don't have the Sabbath day as such was a stickler for me too. I found that their beliefs were almost pick and mix which is fine but when you question them about how they've come to a certain conclusion about a certain scripture they just couldn't answer me. I don't believe that God is a god of confusion, I believe that there must be one church or group somewhere that has it 100% right, otherwise what's the point??!?!?


  • bohm

    arshia, if you want to ask them something fun for the study, you should research on blood. for a starter, they dont have a proper definition of what blood is. blood is, it seems, what they say it is, because they once picked a particular definition out of a medical book (out of many) and ended up with a ban thats not logically consistent and has no scriptual backing. it would be fun were it not that many children have died. You can read about it here: http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/blood-transfusions.php and http://www.quotes-watchtower.co.uk/blood_-_jensen_letters.html . (i would especially recommend the last one)

    Janey: Bad, bad apostate! doing actualy study of a bible at a 'bible study'! i think your spot on - they was afraid because you was intelligent and thinking. hopefully you have helped them.

  • steve2

    You found out for yourself in the absolutely best possible way that JWs run a mile when confronted with the deeper questions! Well done J! Three cheers.

  • treadnh2o


    The seven points you make are all very accurate. These issues all point to this group being a cult.

    Your "study" with these women really never stood a chance. Their answers are very indicitive of what the rank and file are taught, not to ask, just do. In over 35 years in the "truth" I have NEVER even heard of someone who questioned these thing converting.

    My assumption is,

    1) You are not down on your luck.

    2)You are not crazy ( your mental capacities are intact).

    3) You speak english.

    4) Your whole family is not "in".

    If those 4 things are all true, you really had no chance of joining the 'dubs.

  • BabaYaga

    Great list, Janey, and congratulations! I hope you are right about them beginning to question things themselves.

    Welcome, Arshia!

  • bluecanary

    arshia, you have a personal message. Click on the envelope at the top right of the screen.

  • cantleave

    Well done and good work

  • Satanus

    Yah, you gotta feel sorry for jws, sometimes, laboring as they are under all those false assumptions.

    "I don't believe that God is a god of confusion, I believe that there must be one church or group somewhere that has it 100% right, otherwise what's the point??!?!?"

    Some people take the view that nature, gods creation is a reflection of him. The basic ways that nature is, on this planet is the basic predator/prey system. Animals are born, and if they can survive their infancy, they grow, thrive, reproduce and then die. There are various cycles, various recyclings. Even stars are in somewhat similar cycles. Much of this takes place among humans, as well.


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