Does everyone else get this reaction from their JW family when discussing objections to the religion?

by jambon1 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • LouBelle

    Any time you point flaws in their belief (or pretty much anyones religion) they will eventually start getting irrational. They feel you are attacking their faith, which in turns means an attack on them, their identity, everything which makes them who they are. If your reasoning shakes that foundation, they may crumble and not know how to pull themselves together again. I no longer speak to family members about the faith 1. I'm shunned by 99% of my family that are still in 2. unless they want to know it's pointless.

  • theinfamousone

    i find that whenever you attempt to discuss anything with a religious person, whether it is calmly or not, they will take it to extremes.... if you make a good point, they will usually call you names, or tell you you are doomed... they rarely are capable, or have the mental capacity (no offence to your wife) to come up with a proper response to a well thought out query... it is sad

    -the infamous one

  • creativhoney

    I like to call it the ring of fire.. its the best thing I can compare it to. its a very good defence mechanism. beat only by lalalalalalalalalallal Im not listening!!!

  • shopaholic

    I don't even discuss objections with my family. When I've brought things up in a "how would you respond to someone that says..." they become very dogmatic in their responses. It is very much like a switch had been flipped. So I don't even bring up religious topics with them and when they do, I simply listen and give the occassional "Oh yeah" and "Um Uh".

    But with my JW friends, they try to remain calm and cool. They basically dismiss what I say and tell me I need to have more faith in the GB and FDS.

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