Does everyone else get this reaction from their JW family when discussing objections to the religion?

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  • garyneal

    I get similar reactions from my wife though I will admit it is not as extreme. I went with her and her mom to one of their assemblies for the express purpose of determining for myself what questions they asked to all baptismal candidates. Apparently, publishes these questions that basically baptizes them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Watchtower organization. Well, to make a long story short, these questions were indeed asked and I was in total shock and disbelief.

    When I told my wife about them, she dismissed it saying that that was not what they were saying. A pastor at this church I have recently been attending told me that people who embrace error come under a spiritual blindness that only the Holy Spirit can penetrate. As I was waiting for an e-mail to confirm my registration on this website, I got another e-mail from the website I visit often ( with a link that may be helpful (

    We should all pray for our JW loved ones and hope that God will help them find their way out of this cult religion.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I get that with some of my old JW friends. One person's response was typical when I told him I was no longer going to meetings. "You don't love Jehova anymore?" UGH!

    It's a self defense mechanism and I finally understand it.

  • passwordprotected
    The way some of thejws react, encluding my wife,it sort of makes you feel like they are possessed it is kind of spooky.

    Very good point....

  • littlebird

    I get the same type of reactions from my husband, He usually interupts before I get a complete sentence out, though. He will immediately turn my objections into being "persecuted" for his beliefs. I never do that , he can believe whatever he chooses.

    Its been a struggle, but Im trying to remember that he is programmed to be defensive. So Im learning that when he brings up why I left, I just try be kind explaining just 1 point at a time. You have to remember that in their minds, we are going to die in armegedon if we don't come back and they are under constant pressure to try to win us back.

  • ninja

    they love to hit you with the...."you're persecuting us" stance all the time......

    one time my wife even had the audacity to tell me to get my foot off her neck and also untie the kids during an argument

    what's the bloody world coming to?

  • flipper

    I get this reaction from my JW daughters constantly. It's why it is hard to talk in real terms with fanatic JW's. They will twist the logical points you are trying to make and put a whole different spin and interpretation into it. So I avoid talking any beliefs or doctrines with them- just try to appeal to non-witness topics and authentic topics. I try to avoid triggering their " cult " responses- but it's still a challenge

  • Heaven

    I used to get this reaction. Now, it's just the silence. My father is too old to argue now. His mind no longer has the ability to do this.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Typical Witness defense mechanism!

  • BluesBrother

    This thread could have been written for me. It is encouraging that we all face the same difficulties. There were a couple of lines that I must remember, from different posters-

    "Try to understand that you are trying to break down her entire world of thought. Lashing out is to be expected."Onthewayout

    "If emotion keeps people in, reason isn't going to get them out."

  • kurtbethel

    I have a JW study conductor who does this to me many times. It really irritates me because I know what the problem really is, that he is not really listening. Since he is not listening then his response is not a rational thinking one, but a programmed contrived one. I figured out how to break the programming for a while. I waited until he emitted programming, and I turned to him and said,

    "I did not say anything like that at all. Not even close. You are obviously not listening to a word I say. If you are ever going to have an effective ministry then you had better start listening to householders and give them real answers, otherwise you do not have a ministry at all, and all this preaching is just a hobby to you!"

    He snapped out of it.

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