"Pioneer Syndrome" - Pioneers from the 1990's are getting very sick in 2009! Theories?

by Witness 007 41 Replies latest jw experiences

  • blondie

    This is how I looked at this as a jw. If the person with the condition was not also held back from entertainment, recreational traveling, could bike ride miles but not walk door to door, etc., I figured it was a means to avoid a distasteful task. If they were curtailed in those recreational areas as well, it seemed more real. Illnesses like this don't tend to be that selective as to when they strike.

  • willyloman

    "She is an old pioneer from way back with a large flock of converts on her conscience."

    This was posted a page or two ago, but good writing should be recognized!

    "The WT abuses its women."

    There is much truth in that statement.

    Also, Blondie's point about chronic illnesses rings true to me. I often saw sisters with, for example, environmental illnesses suddenly be in remission when attending some non-Witness event: dog show, cat show, horse show, or crowded theaters with abundant odors of tobacco, perfume and cologne. These posed no problems whatsoever, but a meeting or FS in a car group with two or three other dubs... they can't stand the environment. It seemed obvious that what they really couldn't stand was the overwhelming sense of pressure, frustration, futility and emotional abuse they suffered at the hands of their spiritual mother.

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