Beard stories. Nothing but beards.

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  • RR

    I remember the C.O. visiting and had a fit when he saw some of the elders and servants with that little piece of hair under the bottom lip.I remember handling the literature counter and one of the elders came us to a bunch of us and told us that we had to shave off the hair. I was the only who didn't. I told the elder "show me in the scriptures where I can't have it."

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Thanks for all the stories everyone!


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Also, there was a brother Shable that saw brothers in Germany who had them. He returned to the states with a full beard. He was only allowed to give number 2 talks. That was in the late '70's.

  • hamsterbait

    Goatee = EVIL

    There is some kind of kinky "thing" the dubs associate with it.

    They must be reading the "Gods Love" book.

    Maybe a pube on your face makes them think of a certain sexual practice they talk about in the "coven" of annointed ones...


  • Truthexplorer

    Hi everyone,

    Just to say that I sport a rather modest Goatee/beard and have done so for several years. I dont have any privelages and am probably considered as someone weak in the eyes of the self righteous. However, I proudly wear my beard to each and every meeting as I feel comfortable wearing one (I would in fact feel uncomfortable without one). When I first became a JW some 18 years ago, i was encouraged by an elder to shave it off. At the time, I was rather taken aback and actually thought it was scriptural at the time. I therefore (unfortunately) did so as I was new to the faith.

    However, after the rollercoaster ride I have had since becoming a witness, I decided to choose my preference of having a beard. There is no scripture that states that a Christian must be cleanly shaven. Certain scriptures indicate that brothers and sisters should be clean and well groomed etc, but nothing to say that a man must be cleanly shaved. I personally have a very nice trim goatee and consider myself to be well groomed when I attend meetings.

    I have to admit, I would be highly surprised if anyone came up to me today to ask that I shave off my beard. If they did, I would tell them that if they show me the scripture where is says I must do so, then I will do so, otherwise, it will remain.

    Just a note of interest, at the last convention, I noticed many brothers wearing beards (and the odd sister too...just kidding ). I think that in time, like most of their unscriptural rules, they are beginning to relax a bit and see that common sense is breaking through.

    So, for any brothers on this site who are attending meetings and have always wanted to grow a beard..... please...just grow one, if that is your preference. Remember, it is not unscriptural and Jehovah certainly does not judge men for choosing to wear a beard.

    Hey, maybe we should start up a beard revolution!!

  • cantleave

    Hey Truthexplorer - I'm going to grow one....................when my hormones kick in enough to allow me too!

  • Leprechaun

    Beards, ah yes beards, some say I look like Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead”. I remember when I felt I the need to prove my point with GB about beards, and in a sick way get their approval so I felt good about wearing one, I told them at the time if many of the judges on the US Supreme Court have beards where do you get off saying it is unacceptable to wear one if I so desire? I now feel no need to ask them for permission for anything in life or my spirituality, I guess I am finally free from the Borg or Landrew, or Cult or whatever you want to call it them; and it feels dam good. So, pass me that Doobie.

  • asilentone

    When I moved to a new congregation in 1995, at my first meeting there, I was stunned to see an elder with a beard walking to the platform to give his service meeting part. Someone told me that he cannot shave due to medical reasons.

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