Beard stories. Nothing but beards.

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  • meangirl

    I know a married brother who showed up for service with a go-T (sorry didn't know how to spell but hope you all know what I mean) and he got pulled into the hotbox (back room) and told he could not go out in service.......I know that really had an impact on this couple as they are pretty much inactive right now. It really hurt the wife alot as she really believed that the elders were "loving".......

  • undercover

    I've had a mustache since high school. On the rare occasion that I tried to grow a goatee or beard when still in, I was counseled. Hell, I was counseled for the length of my mustache and sideburns. They nitpick such minor things while pedophiles run rampant.

    When I finally went totally inactive, I grew a beard. I've had some sort of beard, goatee, van dyke, ever since. Even when it goes totally gray, I will keep some kind of facial hair.

    Why? Because I can and because no one can tell me not to.

    It also comes in handy since I have JW family and some contact with JW acquaintances. It sends a clear signal: I'm out and I'm staying out.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Thanks for the all great stories and additional background info.

    Keep 'em coming.


  • JimmyPage

    LOL @ Priest!

  • wobble

    I have posted my experience before,but it is illustrative of how different things are in different areas and Congos.

    I wanted to grow abeard in the early 70's, my wife wanted re-assurance that this would not stop me from serving in the congo in some capacity.

    she wrote to Brooklyn and got a very balanced, but slightly ambivalent reply,about a year after writing.Some bros. I showed the letter to thought it was O.K to have abeard,others read it differently.

    Anyway, in 1975 I grew a BIG BLACK beard,(think ZZ Top) continued to serve with no comment,gave public talks home and away etc. etc.

    No problem until in 1988 they asked me to do an item on the experiences at the C.A the Bro. handling the item said I could not do it with a beard, this was for a F.S experience I had whilst wearing a beard !!!!!!

    I asked him to show me in print ,knowing there was nothing in the WT's stuff that I had seen, and so he showed me the instructions from the Borg for guys handling Assy items, sure enough, there it was, in these confidential instructions, no weirdies with beardies.

    As it was not a point of principle to me, I shaved it off and did the item. some ten or so years later a Bro from our congo was used on the same type of item wearing a beard. Our TMS overseer has had abeard for years, at least when I left in 2008 he still had it,other Elders in my old Congo and in neighbouring ones have worn beards from time to time.

    But the whole beard thing shows what a petty, small -minded controlling Cult they are.



  • Quirky1

    Had no beard, Had priveledges.

    Have beard, No priveledges.

    That's how it went for me...

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    I was permanently removed from the Theocratic ministry school (is that right??) because I had a beard. I had a talk coming up the following week and I was told to shave the beard or I couldn't give the talk. I refused because he couldn't provide biblical reasons for his request, so I was booted out for good. I was pretty happy about that. Two or three years later, when a different elder was running the show, they asked me to re-join the school. I told him to get lost.

    I was outta there not long after that.


  • dinah

    We had a pioneer sister with a beard. As far as I know she was never counseled to use Nair or shave or anything. Ewwwww!

  • SixofNine
    I was permanently removed from the Theocratic ministry school (is that right??) because I had a beard.

    They would give me talks, but only in the 2nd or 3rd "schools".

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    They would give me talks, but only in the 2nd or 3rd "schools".

    I remember having a talk in the school one night, and not shaving. It was barely noticeable, but the school overseer counselled me afterwards, saying if I had any more of a beard he wouldn't have let me go on. It was definitely a big deal in the cong I attended.

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