Beard stories. Nothing but beards.

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  • bluecanary

    Nice, elder.

    My brother has a beard. He's faded and never going back, but he recently went to two out-of-state JW functions--a camping trip and a family wedding. No one said anything about the beard.

    Most of the young, non-JW guys I know have beards. It is very much the fashion right now, and only occasionally in a punk way. They are definitely way behind the boat on this one.

    Beards are attractive. Mustashes, not so much. I've always felt that a guy with a mustache is trying to fit in between being obedient and being macho--neither quality is attractive.

  • elder-schmelder

    My grandmother hates my beard. I told her that I will never shave it again so that everytime she sees me she can think about all of the man made rules that she is following.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Thanks for the pic elder-schmelder!

  • RR

    I knew a brother who had a skin condition and couldn't shave. and as long as he kept it nice and cropped, there was no problem with it as far as the congregation was concerned. He did serve as an elder.

    On another occassion, we have a visiting speaker one day who showed up at one Sunday, he was dressed like "Huggy bear" from the old Starsky and Hutch" show, for all you youngste out there, just picture an old time pimp. He had a beard disguised as sideburns. He introduced himself to the P.O. "Hi, I'm brother so-snd-so, I'll be speaking today". The P.O. took one look at him and said "Oh no you're not" and sent the brother on his way. The P.O. gave the talk instead.


  • elder-schmelder

    My beard represents my freedom.


  • jonathanconway

    By the time I was 16 I was totally over cutting my skin with razorblades... pissed my parents off by sporting the sexy "unshaven" look that girls love.

    It's so amazing that they still don't like facial hair apart from a neat moustache! When almost all the bible characters are shown with beards. It's as if they're making fun of their followers in not to many words.

  • shamus100

    The sign of a beard or *gasp* goatee is usually the outward sign that you're through with being a dub. I've met people years later and, when seeing my beard, instantly shunned me.

    It's wonderful!

  • ldrnomo

    When I was studying in 1978, I had a beard, a full beard. When my wife and I started going to meetings I saw that no one at the KH had beards. At our next study I asked my study conductor brother Pinhead if there was a problem with my beard. He said that my beard would not prevent me from being baptized. I got baptized with a beard at an international in 78. Later that summer one of the older uneducated but innocent elders in the cong called me up and the end of a meeting to say the prayer. There was instant commotion at the back of the hall and after the song, a microphone was brought over to my seat so that I could say the prayer without going up on the stage.

    Soon after that an elder was put in charge of talking to me about my beard. He first explained why I was not allowed to go up to the stage to pray. He then encouraged me to shave off the beard because he and the BOE had high hopes for me to progress and I would not be allowed to progress if I chose to wear a beard. I decided I could be of more help to people by progressing then I would be if I kept the beard.

    They won, I shaved it off.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    A brother Orr and Miles grew beards. Orr had a skin condition and couldn't shave daily.

  • HintOfLime

    In one of the halls I was in, there was a middle-aged guy with a lot of health problems. At one point, he was on medication that thinned his blood, and his doctor told him not to shave. If he cut himself his blood would not clot properly and it could lead to needless complications.

    He ended up with a beard for a few months, and in the meantime was no longer allowed the 'privilage' of handling mics or sound until he began shaving again. He was really distraught about it.

    It actually got me in a little trouble for it myself. I tend to look at the bigger picture and asked a few of those 'apostate questions' to my P.O. dad why it was such a big deal that he had a beard. My dad gave me some crap about the hippy movement, and I told him "Well, the hippy movement is over. JW's need to move on." I was repremanded for not showing respect to "God's Arrangement", older generations, and that I should mind my own business. Woops! Almost slipped into rational, loving thinking! Bad Lime, Bad!

    Freaking JW Nazi's. I wish they'd quit teasing and go full pshyco so everyone could see.

    - Lime

    PS: Everyone comments that I look better with my beard. Without it, I look like Bill Gates.

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