Kelle Jarka Murder trial

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  • truthseekeriam

    Is being followed daily at for those interested.

    This afternoons coverage said he was an elder at the time of the murder.

    I think when the story first came out no one was sure if he was or not.

  • purplesofa

    Wow, the poor kids.

    I really hope that any Witnesses lurking and reading about this case, and him being an active elder at the time of the murder

    take heed and do not discount.

    Elders are humans like everyone else.

    Believe your own intuition, if you don't trust one, there may be a good reason why.

    Don't let any of them have power of you, your life and decisions you make.

    Build up your own thinking abilities.


  • purplesofa

    Murrieta man charged in wife's slaying wasn't making mortgage payments when he reportedly bought $1 million in life insurance on her, records show
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    10:00 PM PDT on Monday, September 1, 2008
    The Press-Enterprise
    A Murrieta man charged with murder for financial gain was not making mortgage payments at the time authorities say he purchased $1 million in life insurance on his wife, who died a few weeks later, county records show.
    Kelle Lee Jarka could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted of the April slaying of Isabelle Jarka, his 40- year-old wife and the mother of two.
    County records show Kelle Jarka was notified between February and June that his Tamarisk Street house was going into foreclosure and he owed the state nearly $30,000 in taxes and fees.
    In early April, he bought life insurance policies worth more than $1 million on his wife, Isabelle, according to Murrieta police. She was bludgeoned to death a few weeks later, on April 28, in the master bedroom with her infant son nearby, police say.
    Jarka's attorney, Mark Johnson, said money problems were nothing new for the Jarkas, and it certainly was not the reason for Isabelle Jarka's demise.
    "They had been living on the edge financially for years," Johnson said. "I just don't think this was a murder for financial gain."
    The Jarkas lived beyond their means, Johnson said. The couple had an expensive boat, a nice house and many creature comforts.
    They also had each other, he said.
    "They seem to have a loving relationship," Johnson said.
    The defense attorney noted that he has taken a personal interest in this case because of the people involved.
    "Both of them were good people," he said.
    Prosecutor Burke Strunsky declined to comment.
    Public records show that bill collectors and notices about Kelle Jarka's debts were coming to the Murrieta home in the weeks and months before Isabelle Jarka's death.
    $29,000 Owed to State
    Kelle Jarka owed the state $29,141 in incomes taxes and fees from 2005, according to a Feb. 29 notice of a state tax lien filed with the Riverside County recorder's office.
    The mortgage went unpaid in March, April and May, according to county records.
    Kelle Jarka was notified that foreclosure proceedings were under way and he was behind on his payments by $24,779, according to county records filed in June. The house was in his name alone, the records show.
    In November, a credit card company sued Kelle Jarka for failing to pay more than $11,000, according to court records. The company wanted the courts to enforce an arbitrator's decision ordering Kelle Jarka to pay $10,500, the records show.
    Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco has not announced whether his office will pursue the death penalty.
    It is unclear whether Isabelle Jarka knew about her husband's debts or the status of the family's finances.
    "We as a family were not aware, nor did we pry in their financial lives, therefore, understandably we had no knowledge of many things," Isabelle's sister, Maritza Trelak, said via e-mail.
    She declined to comment further because of concerns about the ongoing criminal case.
    Relatives Didn't Know
    In a prior interview, Isabelle Jarka's brother-in-law, Paul McGraw, said the family did not have any reason to think the Jarkas had financial problems because the couple appeared to being doing well.
    They do not believe Isabelle knew the extent of her husband's financial problems either, McGraw has said.
    Isabelle Jarka was hit in the head at least 11 times with an object that has not been found, according to Murrieta police. Her infant son was nearby when she died.
    Kelle Jarka called police about 8:45 a.m. on April 28 and initially reported that someone had broken into his house. Police believe he made make it look like the home was burglarized before calling police.

  • purplesofa

    The night before she was murdered an elder came to counsel them for four hours.

    The article is written strangely, It makes it sound as if Jose Cespedes was the elder that visited them........what elder makes a house call till 4am?

    Late the night before she died, an elder from their church came to counsel the couple, spending about four hours with them.
    Jose Cespedes left the Jarka home about 4 a.m. that Monday. Kirkpatrick said the reason Jarka did not tell the 911 operator about his wife first was because he did not want to upset his daughter and mother-in-law, who were standing next to him.
  • truthseekeriam

    This story is really sad. I feel so sorry for the victims family. I really hope they get the justice they deserve.

  • purplesofa


    I really don't think all elders are assholes,

    I guess I never put much stock in elders advice as I never went to them when I had a family problem. Oddly enough, a PO friend of mine, that lived 1200 miles away, I called for some advice and asked if I might talk to the elders in my congo, he said to me, You NEVER want to get the elders in your business if you can help it. I always took that advice.

    I was probably never close enough to people in the congo to hear about when elders went to visit others with problems. Although I know it went on as I heard the elders wives either divulge that info or complain about it.


  • freedomisntfree

    The big question i have about this trial is not so much the witness involvement but why is this guy so stupid? Havnt we all watched enough matlock and law and order to know the whole kill your wife for the insurance money scam doesnt work? o maybe he didnt watch thoose shows violent.didnt stop him from bludgeoning the mother of his children to death! really makes one wonder doesnt it?

  • purplesofa


    Thats what I was thinking when I read the article.

    How stupid this guy was.

    For an elder, he really got caught up in materialism, probably

    preached it from the platform, condemning all that had anything materially.

  • Dagney

    I've heard there is a lot more to the story...Mexican mafia, drugs...etc.

  • truthseekeriam

    Check out the link on the top for today's article it's getting very interesting. Looks like the elder is being treated as a hostile witness.

  • purplesofa

    thanks truth

    An elder with a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation was being evasive when testifying during a Murrieta man’s trial on murder charges, a judge ruled this morning.

    Judge Timothy Freer’s ruling allows the prosecutor to ask leading questions of Jose Cespedes, with the Murrieta-based Spanish Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, when he resumes his testimony this afternoon.

    Prior to the trial, Cespedes attempted to avoid testifying in the trial of Kelle Lee Jarka, a 41-year-old Murrieta man charged with murder in connection with the April 2008 death of his wife, Isabelle.

    Freer denied Cespedes request for the protections of the clergy-penitent privilege after learning Isabelle Jarka invited Cespedes — in his capacity as a friend and not a clergyman– over to her home on the night before she was killed.

    Isabelle Jarka, 40, was found bludgeoned to death on the floor of her Tamarisk Street home. Kelle Jarka called police at about 8:45 a.m. on April 28, 2008, and reported finding his home burglarized and his wife dead.

    Cespedes testified Isabelle Jarka wanted to talk to him after she learned a family friend recently died of AIDS and Kelle Jarka kept the friend’s illness a secret.

    Deputy District Attorney Burke Strunsky asked Cespedes if an elder had a duty to report to other elders upon learning that a congregation member has AIDS. Cespedes initial responses did not completely answer the question so Strunsky asked again.

    “So the fact that Kelle didn’t tell other elders was in violation of his duties as an elder?” Strunsky asked.

    “That’s a choice he made,’ Cespedes replied.

    Moments later, at about 11:15 a.m., Freer let the jury leave early for lunch and a brief hearing was held to determine if Cespedes could be deemed a hostile witness and the prosecution given more leeway in asking questions.

    “The witness was being somewhat evasive in his answers,” Freer said. “It’s apparent from his demeanor, and his response to the questions, Mr. Cespedes is not necessarily answering questions in a forthright manner.”

    Testimony is expected to resume this afternoon at the Southwest Justice Center in French Valley. If convicted of murder and commission of the crime for financial gain, Jarka faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Read more:

    Was the family friend a witness?

  • Scully

    It could be that the guy was waiting until after the person with AIDS died before he disclosed to the other elders. Trying to avoid health care privacy violations. Or maybe he just made that up as a smoke screen, to get his wife upset, get her to call this other elder over to the house at midnight, and then give himself some kind of alibi....

  • truthseekeriam

    So does anyone know what the elders do with the information if someone is HIV positive or has AIDS in the congregation?

    Is there a warning given to the congregation?

    Just curious as to why it would be such a big deal that the elder didn't want to answer the questions.

  • purplesofa

    In another news article it said that Cespedes left the house at 4am, he was there for four hours, so from midnight to 4am.

    The article posted above says: Cespedes testified Isabelle Jarka wanted to talk to him after she learned a family friend recently died of AIDS and Kelle Jarka kept the friend’s illness a secret.

    Then the next day Ms Jarka gets blungeoned to death by her elder husband.


  • Dagney

    Weird is right.

    What the heck happened in the next 4 hours?

  • purplesofa

    I wonder what they were really talking about?

    It's like I said before, what elder comes over at midnight ?

  • Dagney

    SUPPOSEDLY, he was not coming over in official elder capacity, but as a personal friend to console them because of the loss of their friend. I "thought" this guy tried to get out of testifying claiming ecclesiastical privilege, but it was a no go. I need to check the first threads on this to refresh my memory.

    Okay, I'm remembering now, there is the wife of the friend that died that is involved here, and something in Mexico.

    As a side note, Kelle could not get appointed in an English hall, so he went to the Spanish and became an elder. Ick ick ick.

  • purplesofa

    The next few days of testimony should be very interesting.

  • purplesofa

    here is some of what happened friday, McGraw is the BIL.

    The elder supposedly left at 4am and Isabella was found at 8:35am by Kelle bludgeoned to death. In an earlier article

    the elder Cespedes testified Isabelle Jarka wanted to talk to him after she learned a family friend recently died of AIDS and Kelle Jarka kept the friend’s illness a secret.

    From Friday:

    McGraw has heard Kelle and Isabelle Jarka were arguing and had a congregation elder at the house.

    “How is it Isabelle is murdered a few hours later?” McGraw testified, recalling his conversation with Jarka.

    Read more:

  • truthseekeriam

    Interesting how the elder got on the stand saying the victim wasn't angry. Yeah right!

    I was looking at the open access public records for this case and seen that a reporter from 20/20 asked for permission to cover the trial.

    That would be a nightmare for the WTS. Here you have an elder who is accused of murdering his wife a few hours after another elder comes to their home in the middle of the night because the wife is upset her husband has been spending a lot of time with a recent widow in the congregation who's husband died of AIDS. The elder tries to use the clergy petenant rule in order not to testify and when that fails he testifies as a hostile witness.

    Then we have the computer searches from the accused about "deadly poisons for humans""effects of cyanide on humans""can you suffocate from a trash bag" not to mention "sex with HIV"

    Sucks that the poor family and children of the victim has to go through all of this mess. If he was a decent human he would just have plead guilty. Because he sure looks like he is.

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