Kelle Jarka Murder trial

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  • Stealth

    Awake: All good questions. Unfortunately dead people can't talk.

    I believe he killed her primaraly for the money.

    They most certainly had some serious issues in light of the middle night visit by the elder just hours before the murder.

    I also blam watchtower policy in that they make it very difficult to get a divorce.

  • awakenyr2004

    Yeah, I'm sure it was for the money too. I also think he had plans or an idea at least of marrying the other lady. I'm not so sure I blame WT so much in these type of cases. I guess you could make a case for it but I blame the sick/evil husband entirely. I do not believe relgion changes the minds or hearts of people.

    I wonder what made the mother-inlaw suspect the husband immediately. I wonder what the daughter confided in her before her death. Was there any info in that?

  • Finkelstein

    One has to realize that this could have happened to any religious people within the many diverse religious denominations,

    likewise with situations of pedophilia.

    What is worthy to note though is that the WTS. proclaims that their organization is better or unique as far righteous wholesome followers, when in reality they have

    the same problems as the others do.

  • Dagney

    awaken, I have friends that knew the Jarka's very well, and have been in touch with her family continuously since her death. They say Kelle was a tool, and the wife was naive, but sweet.

  • awakenyr2004

    Dagney, I bet this guy was a tool. The scary part is him turning into a murderer. You think you know someone after many years and they turn on you like that. After deciding not to pack up the baby and move I slept with one eye open last night. Ha!

    But seriously, that poor dear Kim Anderson in the Deadly Devotion program last night really tried to get away from that sick bastard. Even defying the idiot elders. Too sad.

  • wannaexit


    Came across this older thread--Kelle Jarka was an elder. Which part of holy spirit was responsible for his heineous crime?

  • ssn587
    Trelak she related to the Trelaks in one of the Temecula congregations?

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