Duggars Expecting Their 19th Child!

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  • Bangalore

    The problem is more with those welfare moms who keep having kids to get more cash and handouts from the government. And the taxpayers have to shoulder some of that burden.


  • Gregor

    What about the sicko "studs" like the Garrido scum who kidnapped and fathered two? children by his victim?

    Or, the Ivy League "studs" who sex it up and callously dispose of the results of such sexing?

    Let's lay all the cards on the table here.


    Agreed, Syl.

  • Priest73

    Just remember, when you point one finger at someone else, you're pointing THREE at yourself.

  • Priest73

    Just remember, when you point one finger at someone else, you're pointing THREE at yourself.

    ***Ooops repetition for emphasis

  • RubaDub

    That's nearly the size of a school classroom.

    I'm glad they don't live in my town, our property taxes are high enough as it is.

    Rub a Dub

  • blondie

    The Duggars pay property taxes, in fact, I think that is how they make some of their money, as property owners. I watch this show and while I don't share their religious views and the girls all wearing ankle length skirts, I find it refreshing.

  • dinah

    I've never watched their show, so I had to go read about them.

    They seem to be fundie nutcases complete with homeschooled children who are sheltered from the world. Let God decide how many kids you have? Wouldn't ya think He's a little busy (or more likely doesn't give a flying f** at a rolling doughnut how many you have)?

    This family reminds me of one who lives a couple of towns away from me. The Mom has been pregnant all her adult life. She homeschools the kids. When they load up to attend church it takes two vans to get them all there. The Dad is a doctor. I have to wonder how much Prozac he has to give wifey.

  • JWoods

    I am reminded of a few recent stories in the news:


    Weird Nut-Case Mormon "lifestyle" offshoots who marry their own inbred second cousins.

    Mom and Kate makes Eight (before dating others and the having the well-publicized breakup).

    The Houston, Texas mother of five who finally was driven so crazy by the "husband from God" that she drowned them all in the bathtub.

    And, sadly - that California 11 year old girl that time and the cops forgot until she was found barefoot and mother of two.

  • JWdaughter

    I think they seem like a nice family and they were taking care of their family just fine(no debt!) long before they were on tv. They seem happy and healthy. They are part of a community and are raising their kids nicely. Give 'em a break.

  • beksbks

    I think they are ignorant and selfish in the extreme.

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