Status: Compromised. Not much time left.

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  • ClubKing

    The Society has no authority over you. None. You don't have to meet the elders. Screw that.

  • sd-7

    Great, undercover. For one, I have a job, and a good one, at that. For two, you're absolutely right. I intend to move out before the year is done, in fact--2 months at the latest, but very soon, regardless. Wheels are already turning for that.

    I thought there was an easier way to do this, that's the only reason I've gotten into this mess to begin with. I wanted an easier, quieter transition. I'm not a tough person, obviously. I just found out the real truth this year, for frak's sake. It takes time for that to sink in and for the subsequent decisions to happen--especially for someone who wasn't really prepared for it. (One lives differently when not paying rent, after all.)

    I got pushed around a lot because all of my training inside made me soft and sheep-like. Speaking of not owing any explanation, I don't suppose I owe any of you an explanation, do I? Regardless, I get it, okay? I'm not brain-dead, not anymore. I'm working on it all right now.


  • undercover
    Speaking of not owing any explanation, I don't suppose I owe any of you an explanation, do I? Regardless, I get it, okay? I'm not brain-dead, not anymore. I'm working on it all right now.

    That's the spirit. Don't let anyone push you around...including us.

    Do keep us posted on your journey to freedom...

  • mrsjones5

    I think what we're trying to say is you are stronger than you think. Hardly anything works out the way we want it and adjustments have to be made. That is life. So get on with it.

  • VIII


    Getting slapped around by your mother at age 27 is not sheeplike.

    That's assault. Have her charged. Then you better plan on moving while she's getting her bail planned.

  • lilyflor

    Hi sd-7,

    i know exactly where you are coming from. It wasn't until i left the org that i fully grew up, it's difficult to grow up when everyone is telling you since childhood that you are not good enough or smart enough. usually it takes a catalyst to push us over the edge, in my case it was an emotional breakdown, no surprise when I learnt the truth about the truth, i was 'cured'

    My mother slapped me when i was 22, her generation believes they own their kids and of course the authority the bible gives them to do it, of course we should be gratefully they don't take us out to the city gates and hand us over to the elders for stoning.

    you sound like you know what you are doing, keep it up


  • Goshawk

    That @#(*$ slapped you? If you're old enough to be kicked out of the house, you're too old for corporal punishment. What the HELL made her think that was ok to do?


    Nothing new or different here from certain jw perspective . Got smacked around whenever the mood came over either of my parents especially mother. Got older and stronger and was able to block the blows from her but, learned self-control and never struck back. Moved out at 17 after graduating high school.


    Sorry sd-7 I feel for you. Lots of good advice in this thread. Be careful with freedom it’s an intoxicating thing to experience for the first time.


  • out4good3

    Sorry.....Oh hell.......No I'm not........for being so crude. Had nothing to do with where courage might originate from, an inability to sympathize with your situation, nor whether I think I'm better than the WT.........a veiled accusation I have to say my JW wife used to use on me a lot. So, I hope you understand, that it's not unexpected that I figured I'd hear it from you if you were pushed a little bit.

    A middle school coach once told me that "excuses are tools men use to build monuments of nothingness".

    So when I see a person who presents himself as a grown man, 27 years old, college educated, financially capable of supporting himself, and even for a just awakened JW still at home "sucking on the tit"........

    ............whew......I guess it's just been awhile for me.........the Strength of the WT programming is of legendary stature...........

    You'll find that you're understood by me and others here a lot more than you might think. What you're going through is not unheard of, it's the same ole dance tune repeated ad nauseum here by relative newbies such as yourself.

    It's the same's only the dancers that change.

    It's expected that you might take some of the harsh tones here personally, thinking its just another group expecting to be answered to and ready to push you around, but believe me when I say, in the near future, you'll be kicking yourself in the head and asking yourself why did it take you so long to make some of the very decisions you're making right now, and why didn't someone give you this kick in the rear end you're expecting from the WT sooner.

  • BabaYaga

    Hang in there.

    Get out of your mother's house as soon as possible.

    No one has the right to slap you in the face.

    Do not feel obligated to disassociate, you don't have to play by their rules at all.

    We are here for you to vent whenever you feel the need.

    Strength and wisdom to you.


  • Satanus

    You're stronger and tougher than you think. You're already taking charge. You'll be fine.


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