KM tells JW's " avoid representing themselves as agents or representatives of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society..."

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  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I still think its a psychological slight of hand played out by the WTS. onto the people involved with the JWS

    and as well toward the public.

    To imply that the folks knocking on doors are there for Jehovah's preaching commandment ,

    not to voluntarily sell the WTS. own published literature. The WTS. has been exploiting people in this very

    fashion now for close to a hundred years.

    Part of the trick is making people believe they are a servant of God and his works and not working directly

    in servitude for the WTS. desires and aspirations.

    The inner workings of any religious cult like this is first and foremost getting people to believe in them and thereafter

    siphon money away from them through applying fear, guilt and obligatory responsibility. Remember if you don't do

    the preaching work and spread the message , you may very well be responsible

    for the numerous deaths of your fellow members of humanity. The end of this system of things is vastly approaching ,

    so why wait or delay saving human life.

    Procrastination in this matter is nothing more than complacent manslaughter !

    ..........sorry just having some fun

  • skeeter1

    I think two things:

    First, this Watchtower Article has somewhat to do with police finding pornography on JW pedophile's computers.

    Second, I see this as a "new rule" at Bethel and other WTS controlled facilitites.

    Remember about 2 years ago, the news story about the Bethelite/WT farm "brother" who had TONS & TONS of child pornography pictures on his computer? We all wondered why his roommate didn't catch him being on these sites or having these pictures? Perhaps this is going to be a new "rule" at Bethel or any WT controlled facility. Brothers/Sisters can only be on the WTS computers if there is another JW present. (I can't find the news story...but I know it's somewhere on this site). Also, I can see the WTS banning any type of computer from one's private residence in Bethel or a WTS controlled environment. This would also keep the off "apostate" sites that speak "untruth's".

    Also, remember the man in the UK(?) who was a playground equipment supplier? The authorities were seizing his computer too. His wife/family were going to testify on his behalf. Humans USE the Internet as an outlet for their jollies. But, for some, it also fuels their jollies into become a serious crime. The computer leaves a smoking gun trail. The Watchtower is likely trying, in part, to get the rapists less addicted. But, the reality is that these people need pyshcological/psychiatric help and a nuetering if they are that addicted. Who is going to admit this problem when they are a JW? Very, very few. Other JWs can't believe that "Brother M" was a rapist, and they go to court in his defense. Then, the prosecuter brings in the computer.... To get their computers "clean" will help them wage a defense in court.

    Yes, it would be "nifty" for the WTS to have every spouse "watching over" the other spouse to make sure no bad sites are being gotten to.

    How silly it would be to "hold my husband's hand" each time he got on the computer. I'd rather get a divorce if I was married to a man who couldn't control himself.


  • skeeter1

    I thought about this for a few more minutes.

    I think this is the beginning of the new JW household and Bethel rules on computer use. The computer must be in plain site and can only be used when another JW person is present.

    How many of JWD posters found this site while a JW and had to secretly post here, hoping their spouse didn't catch 'em? Cognac comes immediately to mind. The end result, Cognac put doubts into her husband's mind but then her husband and her decided to "ban" this site while they searched for their marraige and truth. Unmonitored use of the Internet is breaking apart the WTS.

    The WTS can no longer blanket "demonize" the computer. They know 99% of JWs is on it. Even my elderly father is in love with the Internet and uses it daily. Since they can't "demonize" the computer...they will try to control its use.

    Imagine if you had a "home office" tucked away in a spare room. This would be raise suspicion and "frowned on" by your spouse, Friends, and other elders. The "best" JW house uses the comptuer with "nothing to hide."

    I know employers monitor the computer, and I'd never type the words, "Jehovah's Witness" on a work computer. I'd be afraid I'd lose my job. So, if I was a JW...I'd rather do my research at home; in a spare bedroom with the door closed. The public library is "too open" and other JWs frequent there.

  • skeeter1

    Sorry, I somehow posted on the wrong thread.

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