KM tells JW's " avoid representing themselves as agents or representatives of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society..."

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  • Satanus

    An 8 foot tower pulled by a donkey. Heehee. That's the wt, alright;))


  • RR

    I recall that one. I was told by a bethelite friend of mine at the time that the only ones who can claim to be representatives of the Society were those who lived at headquarters. Truth is the Society is trying to distance themselves from from the rank and file, to shield themselves from lawsuits when a JW or a congregation does something stupid.

    I also recall JW's knocking on doors calling themselves "Bible Students."


  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    There are legal reasons for this. Under the law of agency and principle, the principle (WTS) is responsible for acts of its agents, such as child molestation or even automobile accidents, and they don't want to be held liable just like any corporation. Basic stuff, although they can't really have their cake and eat it too given the amount of control the Society exerts over its agents, especially elders and overseers, etc.

    JD II

  • reniaa

    This is were have anti-witnesses have put something on witnesses that isn't there. We are literally trying to do Jehovah and his son's message and will, door to door so calling ourselves wts would be wrong lol how quickly would you lot use it against if we did do that. damned if we do damned if we don't in this case.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Would this be an appropriate time to say not to feed the trolls, or, if you don't want to use that terminology, then to realize there is no need to respond to those who are not willing to respond to the substance and spirit of the discussion?



    How right you are!!

    Ignore those that would take this Thread off Topic!!..


  • dinah

    I remember reading on here somewhere a couple of years ago........the WT is afraid of lawsuits. Say a publisher has an accident and someone is injured......if the publisher is on "official WT business" wouldn't the Society be held accountable in court? The preaching work is "official WT business" they are trying to convert people to the religion complete with directions on how to preach and convert.

    Simply another directive to avoid lawsuits.

    And Jeff, I agree about the apologetics. I just ignore then, they won't see the truth unless they want to. Don't get carpal tunnel.


    Jehovah`s Witness`s were proud to identify themselves when they knocked on doors,back in the Day..

    Now Jehovah`s Witness hide who they are..

    I had to pry it out of 2 ladys that came to my door..

    They were very hesitant,to Identify the Religion they belonged to..

    It Embarrased them to admit,they were Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    Pouty Pouty


  • Narkissos

    People being legally disowned by so-called 'non-personal' entities they have spent time and money, or even their entire life building, animating and promoting is the routine of corporate life I'm afraid. Only too late do most of them realise that "property is theft," as Proudhon put it.

    But that cuts both ways I think: the WT authority over JWs rests on the practical confusion between the legal corporation and the religious community (and identity) they feel they belong to. The more the WT distinguishes itself (for obvious legal reasons) from that community, the more it risks awakening a collective JW consciousness which may, in turn, jeopardise its authority. Iow, the more the WT tells JWs they have nothing to do with the firm and have no voice in its running, the more JWs as a community (and perhaps especially local elders) will be tempted to question the WT's right to rule the JW religion. There seems to be a steady trend of the WT giving less and less (even symbolical identity) to the JW people while exacting as much, which may reach a stage where it is no longer viable.

  • BluesBrother

    I think this 20 year old Kingdom Ministry had more in mind the effectiveness of their presentation than disowning the Borg..

    Who is going to listen if they say they are The WTS ??...It is no secret once they thrust 2 magazines in the H/holders hand..

    Note that they are encouraged to hold the official I D card which states that they are preaching under the direction of the local cong. of J W's. It is signed by the P O .. I still have mine.

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