Circuit Oversear for dinner..."sorry no time to talk" remember this! Like Jesus is coming!

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  • startingovernow

    Farkel - wow he certainly did do you a favor! Guess that's why they have so many pictures in the WT of dressed up couples doing ordinary things - as a reminder of how JWs are supposed to dress. Would love to know exactly what you were wearing that was so inappropriate.

  • passwordprotected

    @ Farkel; yes! Fantastic stuff. These guys love shooting "Jehovah"* in the foot.

    *The Governing Body

  • Farkel


    :Would love to know exactly what you were wearing that was so inappropriate.

    Well, I was working in my yard that morning. Because of the business of that week with the visit of His Worshipfulness, I had to get some yard work done. I had a tee shirt and levis on.

    But I don't think that was relevant. What IS relevant is that my wife and I were spending our money and our time and doing HIM a big favor. We weren't courting the King of England, or at least we didn't think we were until we were reminded that in fact we WERE courting a King.

    My friend and former DO who used to post here as "Maximus" knew that CO, Carl Erskine. He said he was personally selected by Ted Jaracz because he was a loyal "hatchet man" for Jaracz. Those were his exact words. He also said that Erskine is still a CO somewhere in Southern California. At least he was about 7 or so years ago. I left the borg in 1974 and Erskine was in his early 30's at the time.

    One cannot help but wonder how much Jehovah actually blessed Erskine for all of the people I'm sure he helped OUT of the "truth!"


  • Farkel

    Happy Dad,

    :Back in the 1980's, we had Harry Mitani and his wife (I think her name was Mishi) over for dinner.

    I knew him! He was from Salt Lake City in the 1960's, wasn't he? Everyone liked Harry and his wife, including me. He was a great guy.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Note to congregation Dietary restrictions.....the C.O and his wife can't eat the following......meats, fish, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegatables, fruits, nuts, breads...........and ice.

    What the hell is up with dietary restrictions? Like excessive Witnessing gives you food allergies.

  • Atpeaceatlast

    Ugh... my home is off limits for most guests, let alone a PO or CO even if I had gotten baptized, etc., etc.

    I still wouldn't invite anyone for lunch or dinner. I just don't cook and when I do, it puts me in a bad mood.

  • Satanus


    Yah, i know. It's nice to have a smart cat in the house.


  • loosie
    Seems my kitty was able to act out her feelings toward people she didn't like while I had to smile and be quietly polite.

    That is one smart cat Startingover. I had a bunny once who didn't like the person who we invited over, she turned her butt around and peed on her. inside I was laughing. To bad this happened after I stopped going to meeting. it would have been funnier if it happened to a JW.

  • Borgia

    I used to divide the CO and DO in two groups. Those who would accept a desert and those who would not. Proco's and antco's, Prodo's and antdo's. Most CO/DO i knew were of the antco/ antdo class.

    We had the CO over for dinner on a friday once..... but friday is our fat mouth day: so french fried, kroketten and frikandellen.....and icecream.

    their response: we like it! Can we come next time?



  • startingovernow

    I knew a young couple in training to be CO and CO's wife. They were visiting with both the CO and the DO and the young JW in training made the comment that she learned from the other wives not to have dessert. I wonder whatever became of them. Anyway, it's got to be difficult to not be able to choose your own meals day after day, year after year. Add to that, the schedule that does not allow much time for physical activity or exercise, and yes, I can see why some might feel they shouldn't have dessert. And to think - at one time I thought it might be nice to be a CO's wife - silly, silly girl!

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