Circuit Oversear for dinner..."sorry no time to talk" remember this! Like Jesus is coming!

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  • mindmelda

    I knew all sorts of COs during my 36 years as an active Witness. Some were nice enough, some were absolute power hungry bullies.

    I remember my father, an elder at the time, said "Oh, CO's are just like any other elder" to the then PO just before the CO visit, and got chewed out for his lack of respect for "godly authority". Hilariously, when the new CO came, the first thing he said was "I'm just like any other elder" in his introductory first talk to the congo...I just about died laughing in my seat and my dad smirked as the PO blushed bright red and glanced over at my dad.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I remember one CO in particular because he was like the CO that password described. Kovolak was his name. The PO wanted to take him to lunch and some of the friends wanted to tag along. Well once Kovolak mentioned where he wanted to have lunch, most of the friends realized that the meal was to rich for their blood.

    The PO tried suggesting something more affordable so the friends could come along, but Kovolak kept insisting. Finally, the PO asked me and my wife to come along because he knew we could afford it. I was doing well at the time.

    So it's the six of us. The CO and Wife, PO and wife, and us. We get there and it's closed. Won't open for another hour. I suggested a few places nearby and the answer was no. We sat there, in the parking lot, for an hour. He just had to get his classy meal. Nice example for the friends.

  • treadnh2o

    Did anyone else have to deal with insane "dietary restricitons" on a regular basis.

    I can understand alergies, but it seemed like many of them had "made up" these restricitons.

    But then again, I am not cynical, am I?

  • chickpea

    i had forgotten this!

    it was archie and mary datoc
    (ultimately they left circuit work
    due to family issues with aging parents)

    we hosted a small gathering
    during one of their visits... i am
    trying to remember if it was at
    the behest of the conductor who
    led the BS that met in our home

    (cannot remember the fare
    but my husband and i were
    noted for our culinary skills)

    when the brothas wandered off,
    mary dismissed the children to
    tell an off-color joke, to the effect
    "man is dying, dr tells his wife
    she has to clean, cook, coddle
    and have sex with him 2x/day
    for him to survive.... when man
    asks what dr said to her, she says
    "he said you are going to die" "

    man.... talk about a flashback!

  • startingovernow

    Password - that is horrible! I for one never had a mother who would take the time to teach me to cook. Then, when I became a JW and would ask my "new spiritual mothers" to teach me, they never had the time either. Since I didn't go to culinary school and didn't know what most of the terms and tools described in cookbooks were, well let's just say my skills were very limited. Add to that my lack of education led to not being able to afford much food for myself, let alone all those I tried to be hospitable to! Kind of wish I had that CO wife say that to me so I could get some kind of answer from her on just how I was supposed to do what the GB expected as far as hospitality when it was because of following the GB's direction that I was left with so little life skills.

    I had just mastered a decent lasagna when we were about to have the CO and his wife over. I made the mistake of asking her if there was any food they didn't like. She said they were sick of getting lasagna! I don't even remember what I made for them instead. I do remember that for all the praise that goes to COs and their wives, I couldn't understand what the deal was with this couple. There was just no connecting with them at all. At the time I had a sweet kitten who usually avoided company because she was timid of strangers. Don't know what it was, but my kitty did not like the CO's wife at all, and actually attacked her from behind while she was sitting at the table! I have to admit, I got a secret little satisfaction from it. Seems my kitty was able to act out her feelings toward people she didn't like while I had to smile and be quietly polite.


    We always had the CO`s stay at our house..

    It was a big deal..

    They were all nice..Not like the horror storys I read now..

    The new CO`s sound like a lot of trouble..


  • Satanus


    'Don't know what it was, but my kitty did not like the CO's wife at all, and actually attacked her from behind while she was sitting at the table!'

    Haha. Obviously, your cute little kittie was demonized


  • startingovernow

    Satanus - no, not demonized (calling her that would be complementing the COs wife), my kitty was just smart - I should have taken a clue from her.

  • HappyDad

    Back in the 1980's, we had Harry Mitani and his wife (I think her name was Mishi) over for dinner.

    Don't remember what my wife made but it was a very good evening.

    The conversation was great and Harry really enjoyed my "ham radio" shack.

    We talked about brothers he knew that were ham's in other states. some of them I talked with on a regular basis.

    They were the most down to earth couple ever. Guess that's because they raised their own family and knew what it took to make ends meet.

    When the ones who had dietary restrictions (picky eaters [snobs]) visited the cong., I felt sorry for those who volunteered to feed them.


  • Farkel

    :Towards the end of lunchtime Ann spoke up and said, "you know, the Governing Body expects us to be served with a proper 3 course meal at lunchtime."

    I had a very similar experience in the Lynwood, California Congregation. In my case, my wife and I served an excellent and expensive lunch and the CO and his wife were very "gracious" about it. Until the CO left to visit his next Congregation of victims, that is. The PO pulled me over and told me the CO told him how upset he was that I didn't "dress up" well enough for the visit of His Worshipfulness, like he was some sort of freakin' ROYALTY or something. He told the PO to tell me, I'd better not try something like that again or I would lose my "position."

    That was the straw that broke my back after spending my entire lifetime in the service of the Printing Corporation. I resigned my position as MS, book study conductor and 2nd TMS conductor. I became irregular and then inactive and never came to another meeting.

    Thank you, Carl Erskine wherever you are, you arrogant miserable son-of-a-bitch asshole!


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