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    Every now and then I come across comical references to smurfs in posts on this site, I have been in the org all my life and never heard of any demonisation of Father Abraham's little blue imaginary friends, even when they they hit the UK top ten singles chart. Can someone enlighten me of what was said, where and when? Maybe I missed it because I was more concerned about Kiss using an Ouija board in plane or Axel Rose being anagram of Oral Sex!!!!

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    This was pretty early, and those of us who remember it are showing our age...

    There was an unsubstantiated rumor that made its way through countless congregations in the US. I remember my best friend (whose parents were both Pioneers (tm) by the way) telling me this amazing story lo those many years ago, and I was incredulous even then (hooray!)

    The tale was that some child brought a Smurf doll into the Kingdom Hall, and was somehow so disturbed by talks and prayers that it sprang to life and ran out of the Kingdom Hall doors!

    Yep. That's it.

    I do not believe this was ever in any literature, correct me if I am wrong. This is just a JW urban legend, pure and simple. Amazing how many of us heard it from all parts of the continent, though.

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    Mrsjones5 - LMAO - Thanks for the link. That is one of best possessed stories I have ever heard.

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    Marlene I'm going to make that my avatar, once I've worked out how

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    I heard the smurf being posessed and running out of a convention. That must have been the Canadian version? Close enough to the assembly hall one. I heard it about 15-20 years ago. It's a classic now I guess!

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    ROFLOL!! *gasp for air* mrsjones, that was the most hilarious thread ever!

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    Ok, now let's see if the link works...

    Yay! Smurfs combined with the movie Seven- good stuff!

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