Selection of the JWs in 1918/1919 - how might a JW attempt to show from the Bible

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    Bumping so Reniaa will see the thread


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    To me 1919 is an awesome date because in that year, Jesus choose the WT as the sole representative of his true faith and what were they doing at that time?

    Celebrating Bdays, Christmas and using the Cross as their symbol, using the KJV of the bible too.

    Old school Baby !!

    And Jesus approved !

    Righteous indeed.


  • insearchoftruth

    Plus still thinking that Jesus had returned in I think it was what about the part of 'finds him waiting' in I think it was Lukes version of the FDS.......

  • IWillBeDubbedNoMore

    coffee_black said "They believed that Adam was the first Pharoah and was buried in the Sphynx. "

    I would really appreciate where I could find proof of this statement. I downloaded the special March Watchtower of 1918, but found no results.

  • Bangalore

    Some of the stuff they were supoosedly teaching back than.

    1799: The beginning of "the last days" or "time of the end"
    1829: The beginning of an understanding of the mysteries of prophecy
    1844: Wise virgins went forth to meet the Bridegroom
    1846: God's sanctuary was cleansed
    1873: End of 6000 years of human existence
    1874: The return of Christ to begin his Second Coming
    1874: The beginning of the 40-year Harvest or preaching work
    1874: Second cry, "Behold the Bridegroom."
    1874: The beginning of the Battle of Armageddon
    1878: God's Kingdom was "set up" in heaven
    1878: Beginning of Christ's Kingdom Rule
    1878: The fall of "Babylon the Great" (false religion)
    1878: Beginning of "Times of Restitution."
    1881: Close of "the heavenly calling" (spiritual Israel)
    1881: Resurrection of all the "dead in Christ"
    1914: The anointed Christians would be taken to heaven before 1914
    1914: The end of the "Harvest" or preaching work
    1914: God's Kingdom would be firmly established in the earth
    1914: Jesus would be present as earth's new Ruler
    1914: All Gentile nations would be destroyed by God by the end of 1914
    1914: Jerusalem would begin to rise from the dust of divine disfavor to honor
    1914: Israel's blindness would begin to be turned away
    1914: This year would be the farthest limit of the rule of imperfect man
    1914: Battle of Armageddon would end
    1914: Peaceful blessings would begin to be recognized on earth
    1914: Compete destruction of "Babylon the Great" (all other religions)
    1914: The "last days" would end in 1914
    1915: God's Kingdom will be fully established near the end of 1915
    1915: Anointed Christians would be taken to heaven soon after 1914
    1918: God's ‘fire' from heaven would fall on Christendom
    1918: Millions of church members of Christendom would be destroyed by God
    1918: Christendom would go down to oblivion as a system.
    1918: God will destroy the churches wholesale


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