District Convention 2009 Complete Audio Recording. Why not for general distribution?

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  • ThomasCovenant


    I have a complete recording of the 2009 District Convention.

    At the beginning, the speaker says that if you do record the convention, you are not to use it for general distribution.

    Why not?

    If the assembly is a public event why not get it around as much as possible?

    Has anyone asked Bethel the reason?


    Thomas Covenant

    PS. I'm making my way through it. It's great.

  • WTWizard

    It is because they don't want the public to have accurate information at their disposal to base decisions to not become witlesses.

  • drwtsn32

    Because a speaker may say something that is not "approved" by the Society.

  • Pistoff
    Because a speaker may say something that is not "approved" by the Society.

    In that case, no one should attend or listen!

  • blondie

    Also, some jws actually charge for the recordings (only their cost of course, right?)

    a jw website used to provide videos of the conventions and got into hot water.


  • carla

    Just listen to the Italian one from a few years ago that should be reason enough! If I were a jw or on the gb I wouldn't want those crazy ass talks out there for the public either!

  • blondie


    How should Jehovah’s Witnesses view tape recordings from sources other than the Society?
    km 3/90 p.3 Question Box**

    The Society provides an abundance of spiritual food in various forms, including cassette tape recordings. These include cassette recordings of the Bible itself and others based on Society publications, such as The Watchtower, Awake!,My Book of Bible Stories, and Listening to the Great Teacher. Kingdom melodies and several dramas have been produced. However, we need to exercise caution with regard to private tape recordings that circulate and that may appear to be similar in nature. Because of our being such a trusting brotherhood, some may at times accept and listen to copies of tapes from others without ascertaining their origin.

    Sometimes recorded talks that circulate border on speculation or make use of sensational information. Would it not therefore be wise to follow Paul’s counsel at 2 Timothy 3:14? There Paul, after warning about impostors, stressed the importance of knowing the persons we are listening to. We need to make sure that we do not listen to anything that goes "beyond the things that are written" in the Holy Scriptures and in the spiritual food provided by "the faithful and discreet slave."—1 Cor. 4:6; Matt. 24:45-47.

    In some areas tapes for teaching children the Bible are being advertised and sold. These tapes purportedly originate with brothers and have been circulated among some congregations. While the motive may appear to be good, would this not amount to using theocratic connections for personal advantage? (See Our Kingdom Service, June 1977, page 4, and December 1979, page 4; Our Kingdom Ministry, September 1987, page 4.) Jehovah’s organization is providing more than enough Bible-based instruction to train our children. Therefore, we discourage the circulation of such tapes.

    Some individuals may make tape recordings of congregation meetings or assembly and convention programs for their personal use. Such recordings may also be appreciated by members of the congregation who for some good reason are not able to be present at the meetings. However, these should not be made for distribution among the brothers in general or offered for sale to others. May we make full use of all that Jehovah has provided through his organization for our spiritual encouragement and upbuilding.

  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    I have a recording of the Friday session...and nothing at all was said about recordings.

    Can you out your recording online somewhere? (I'd especially like to hear the drama. And, of course, the part about not making recordings.)

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Because they don't want us 'apostates' to spend all day listening to and laughing at their stupidity.


  • OnTheWayOut

    The "brotherhood" is very trusting. The organization behind the name is not so trusting. WTS assume that if they are not hard-nosed, they cannot trust the brothers to share their recordings without making a profit. If one charges the cost of a blank tape or cd, another will charge for his time making copies or delivering the recording. Instead of letting the trusting brothers work that out, WTS likes to distrust them.

    Also, they like to be the only supply source for the members. If they don't make it, the members don't need it. If they were not hard-nosed they assume, because of their distrust of the members, soon hardly anyone would go to the DC and put money in the box. They would just say how they need to save money and wait for the recording from another member.

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