Don't You Hate It When A Witness Says "We Miss You At Meetings?"

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  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    When I was still a fully paid up member, a dear friend of mine used to email me straight away if we missed any meetings and say she missed us. It used to bug me no end as it always made me feel so uncomfortable especially as my excuses sounded so pathetic. Time over again I would've said "yeah, we missed you too, but we sure didn't miss the meeting!!!".

    Still, I think it is simply code for "hey, we missed you suffering alongside us. Please make sure you're at the next one to join us in our misery!"

  • WTWizard

    And they wonder why I blow them off. What they really miss is having my work while out in field circus, which they now have to do themselves. And they miss having me progress right into the Value Destroyer Training School--so, as long as I blow off the boasting sessions, they are not going to have me to set up for the Second Dark Ages (and they are going to have to physically drag me back to the Kingdumb Hell for that). And, now they miss having me in my assignment (yes, it does have my name on it) to reach all the just plain men (and nothing else) in the territory.

    The thing is, I bet there are plenty of "sisters" in nearby territories that are relieved when they get to the Big, Great, or Grand Boasting Sessions and I am not there. The hounders in my home congregation can lie about that all they want, but those "sisters" that are relieved to see me not at those sessions more than trumps anyone that claims to miss the work I used to do in their congregation (that they now have to do themselves).

  • wantarevolution

    We get the same thing , if we miss one meeting the COBE © emails both me AND my wife seperately to ask if everything is ok, we were missed at the meetings.

    I usually just email back and say "oh we were away" or "sorry, got caught at work" , and my favourite one "oh, we were at the beach for the morning, and missed the train that would get us back in time" (even though we saw that train pull out of the station as we tucked into our food and wine )

  • boyzone

    Hi wantarevolution.

    I knew a sister that was so sick of the phone calls from a particular witness every time her family missed a meeting that the pressure caused her to stop going altogether. She even disconnected her landline and was very selective about who had her mobile number.

    I remember one time I got sick of the same calls. The wife of an elder (she was also a friend) would constantly ring me up to see why I wasn't at the meeting. Often I would hear a click on the phone line so I knew her PO husband was listening in so I told her in detail about the terrible period pains I was having and how I was bleeding so heavily this month that it was making sitting very uncomfortable etc. She ummed and ahh'd and sounded embarrassed, then the phone clicked as her husband got off the line real quick!


  • Steve_C

    To me it sounds like a company line, nothing more. I used to say "We miss you at the meetings" when I was in, but even back then I had a nagging feeling of insincerity after I said it.

  • blondie

    After dropping by unannounced twice after being requested not to (as I was out the door for a legitimate, serious appointment), the elders said they couldn't call because they didn't have my phone number which was

    a) in the phone book

    b) in Infospace (etc)

    c) my mother had given them my phone number (twice)

    They were angry when I caught them in their lies. I asked them had they really tried to accommodate my schedule?

    We aren't told now that they "miss us at the meetings" since they know we will give undercover's response.

    BTW, Blondie never told people she missed them at the meetings or hounded them at home with phone calls or unannounced visits. I was bad and had them over for dinner or out for a movie. I was told once by an elder that I shouldn't socialize with people who weren't going to the meetings. I just blew that off.

  • homeschool

    After dropping by unannounced twice after being requested not to (as I was out the door for a legitimate, serious appointment), the elders said they couldn't call because they didn't have my phone number which was We've had the same problem! An elder still has the hopes of getting my husband back & kept dropping by. I was very nice to him and said its the proper thing to do to call first and handed him my number and my husband's number. He agreed completely. A few weeks later, we come home and there's some info & note left at our front door from him with some more "inspirational" messages. Grrrrrr.

    You know what I also hate??? How they call their bible studies "friends" now. I will never get used to that. Its the weirdest thing & when I was still "in"...there were numerous talks about how we shouldn't call ANYONE but true jw's friends. (I'd come home from school and say 'my friend Meredith gave me this tshirt 2day!'...and dad would be like 'Tsk, Tsk....your WHAT?!' & I'd have to say 'oh sorry. My Associate Meredith')

  • jookbeard

    that's what sealed my fate of finally ceasing meeting attendance completely about 1992,(f/s had ceased a long time before,the book study was a distant memory) although I briefly went to the D/C in 1994, it was during the memorial and I had walked into the hall took my seat and it was seconds away from starting when a shit-for- brains sister sitting in front of me turned around and and commented so the whole hall could virtually hear " we haven't seen you in a long time" I replied "thats because I haven't been here" I think I lasted about 10 mins into the talk and made my excuse to leave, never to return.

  • sacolton

    It really aggravates me!

  • Scully

    They miss me like they miss a rash. That's what I think.

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