Hello id like to intruduce myself

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  • mouthy

    Welcome Belly...Glad you found us.
    Your are blessed to find out the "truth" isnt the truth so young
    This is the first day for the rest of your life use it wisely.
    I agree with the above ,you can convince your parents
    by your behaviour.Get a job, work hard ,get educated,show LOVE
    to your parents,You have your mind back, they havent !
    If possible move on your own,so they are not a "thorn in your flesh"
    because THEY believe it is their duty to get you entrapped again ( Poor souls)
    Keep reading.( dont give up on God though) I am a Granny so must add that LOL
    http://exjw/weebly.com/ Grace Gough

  • homeschool

    Welcome, Belly. It'll be nice to hear the rest of your story. You're not alone. I was around your age when, for the same reasons, I left as well. You'll be okay.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Good to meet you! Thank you for posting!

    The first post really does take a lot of courage! Good for you. It means you are taking the initial steps to move forward.

    You are so young and have so much ahead of you. You are very fortunate to have found your way out and start adulthood off well. I am sorry you may experience being pushed out of the "nest" at home. But it may be to your advantage and peace in the end.

    If you still believe in God, do not believe their lies when they say you "are leaving" him! That just isn't true at all!

    I wish you all the best with your future and the present situation you are in! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  • CrimsonBleu

    Hi Belly! Thanks for coming here and making your story known!

    I swear, if I had the money, I'd build a HUGE retreat for JW escapees to live while they gathered their wits and de-jw'd.

    You know you are in for a tough ride now. Your parents will be all about getting you back in. They don't know any better.

    I believe our youth are the harbingers of changes that are needed. You are the future.

  • passwordprotected

    Hi Belly, thanks for posting. Hopefully you can talk some of your concerns and worries out here.

  • Anne

    What are your plans? Are you still in high school. If so, and they try to throw you out go talk to your school counselor. They can be a good resource as to help that is available. It may buy you another year, as your parents wouldn't want to bring reproach?

    If your out of high school you need to make an exit strategy. It may even involve play acting as a Witness for awhile, until your on your feet. It's better to leave in a position of strength.

  • Belly

    Thanks for the love and advice everyone. As it stands i am out of high school, but we all know how the job market is now so as much as im trying it is near impossible to find a decent job. I want to go to school, in a way, i was never pused to go in my house as you know and i really dont know how to move foward getting into a college.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, welcome to the forum.
    First of all, find some way somehow to get some college. Even if you have no support from the parents in that, do it somehow.
    I don't have college, but have a good job. It's really beneficial to get that piece of paper, I don't know what I would do if I lost this job and I don't have college. It's easier to keep going when you are young, especially if you can live at home.

    Second of all, try to forgive your parents for being captive to the lies of WTS. You caved in to pressure to get baptized, so you can understand pressures and being forced into something. Now add years of compiling fears into their brains and you might start to empathize.

    If you get thrown out or cannot stand it there anymore, still see about getting some classes along with working. It only looks impossible because you are staring at your whole future as one huge thing. Look at the little goals. A couple of classes online or at the junior college or whatever. Counselors at colleges are the one exception to the typical beaurocrats- they actually love to help people with their goals instead of being obstacles. They cannot help with the JW parents problem, but they might steer you toward scholarships, student-loans, free stuff.

    It will take years, but you have years.

  • yknot


    Go to the above site and fill it out! This is the first start in Financial Aid! Since you will be leaving your parents don't allow them to claim you on their taxes from this point forward.

    Next call the college of your choice and set up an appointment with the course counselor.

    Go to the appointment let the counselor guide you through housing, tuition and courseload. (explain your situation as a JW too and how you will be left entirely in the cold for going to college!)Don't be off set by the hugh sums of money needed just plod it through and choose a major wisely. You will pay it all back just like many who took out loans before you!

    Be fearless, be bold and be educated! (If all else fails join the military!)

  • yknot

    I wanted to add that many colleges (community, jr college and some universities) have 1 year job training courses too!

    An example would be say a paramedic, firefighter or LVN/LPN course (9mo-1yr) or paralegal (2 yrs) that can eventually allow you to find work while you pursue a degree in the field of your choice but still allow you to earn a 'decent' living.

    ....Just wanting to see you succeed!!!!.....

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