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  • Belly

    Ive been lurking this site for quite a while but for some reason never could muster up the courage to post.

    Let me give a little background on my self.

    I am 18 and male an still living with my parents. I was baptised at 15 basically against my will (by cracking under the pressure) but only truly broke out of the drone like mindswhen i was 17. Since then its been totall choas in my life all of it stemming from the orginization of course. My parents are the defenition of brainwashed wittnesses, my father even belives he is anointed.

    After i got baptised I suffered from intense deppression and with a little soul searching, after a year i realized that i need some time for my self. I made the diffucult decision to stop goin to meetings (if you grew up a witnness you understand this isnt something you just do).

    And like magic after i stopped going to the pointless meetings pretending to be a drone and stopped bothering people knocking at there doors this huge weight got lifted off my shoulders and my deppression lifted. But just as soon as one problem went away the constant onslaught of my miserable parents make living in this house sour. And as i recently turned 18 i forsee me getting thrown out flat on my face soon.

    There is so much more depth to my story but for now this is what i have.

    So here i am.

  • The-Borg

    Hi Belly and welcome to the board.

    Congratulations on lifting your depression!

    Maybe you should consider moving out of your parents place if they can't respect your personal boundaries - your are an adult now after all.

    Best of luck to you.

  • cameo-d

    Hey Belly!

    The world is your oyster! At least you got out much younger than a lot of folks who didn't have internet way back when.

    What would you like to do? What are your interests?

    If you want to go to school, there are grants available and student aid programs.

    If you are interested in a trade...there are trade schools and businesses that will apprentice you...programs like "on-the -job-training."

    Start thinking about your future and what you want to do with your life.

    Many kids get thrown on the street at 18 and some even before that.

    And just think...you have a wonderful opportunity to meet worldly people and make new friends. I bet they will be much more interesting than the JWs you knew!

  • nelly136

    nice to meet you,

    if theres a chance you could end up homeless you need to start checking out your options now.

    depending on which country you live in there may be different housing charitys that can help, savings are handy so if you have any way of putting a bit aside it can buffer you a little.

    do you have any kind of social circle with non jws?

  • boyzone

    Hi Belly and welcome!

    Your story is an all too common one but congratulations on getting out so young and while you still have so many options to choose from.

    When my young son left the "truth", I was just like your parents, constantly pressuring to go back, saying his life wouldn't be good without the "truth" blah blah blah...

    You know what? He totally proved me wrong. He passed his driving test, got a good job in his field of interest (computer tech) and eventually moved into a place of his own. He got a great circle of friends around him and is a son I'm very proud of.

    So if its financially difficult to move out right now, I'd recommend you make progress with your life. Get out there and start making things happen for you in a positive way. Set REAL goals, not theocraptic ones, and let your parents see just how well and happy you are without the "truth". Trust me, this'll speak more volumes to your parents than all the arguments put together.

    love BZ

  • quietlyleaving

    Hi belly

    welcome to JWN. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of your story.

    I'm so sorry you are experiencing these difficulties. My advice is to develop your imagination to counteract the pressure


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Belly. Welcome to the forum.

    When I was 17 I took a job a couple of thousand miles away, said goodbye to the dog and disappeared.

    Unlike you, I wasn't baptised. I thank God for that. However, I hadn't worked out that I had been born into a cult, so you have a huge advantage over me in that department.

    If I had my time over again I would try to take my parents out of the cult with me, but I doubt that I would have been successful without getting a degree in psychology first. I still have a semblance of a relationship with my parents, but only because I wasn't baptised. Now, they have a question to answer and I refuse to discuss any of their diversionary subjects/questions and insist that they answer my question before we move on to any other subject or question. I have to be VERY firm with them about that. They are VERY slippery customers.

    If there is any chance that you can bully the Elders and/or your parents into accepting an annulment of your baptism on any grounds at all, you should have a go at it. Tell them you were an unrepentant masterbator at the time and that you are still unrepentant, lie if you have to, do whatever it takes. Short term it may still mean shunning, but long term it may give you and your family a loophole to carry on some sort of normal relationship.

    Stick around and ask lots of questions.




    Welcome Belly!

    I'm sure your parents want the best for you but are just as misinformed as the other JW's about the truth of their religion...

    You are now in a position to make something of your life and at some later point you may be able to help your parents and friends reconsider what they have placed their trust in.

    Use your time wisely to acquire new skills and get an education so the rest of your life will be easier

    Look forward to more of your posts


  • bluecanary

    Welcome Belly. I second all the good advice given so far. Do your best to start forging relationships with nonJWs now so you have a support system. In adition to the one you'll find here, of course.

  • jookbeard


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