Where did the Watchtower Org learn its Mind Control techniques ?

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  • sir82

    I don't think anyone (with the possible exception of L. Ron Hubbard) starts out thinking "Hey! I think I'll invent a zombie-producing brain-deadening cult!" Organizations for the most part start out with noble intentions and change as time passes.

    Some drift toward outright cult status as time goes on, depending on who ends up as the leader(s). A certain type of person craves power and control, and if such a person becomes a religious leader, he endeavors to control that religion's adherents' behavior.

    There seems to be a sort of natural progression, an evolution if you will, of such organizations. I think they naturally fall into the same, or very similar, mind-control "traps" because that is what naturally works. Thy don't need to "take lessons" from anyone; controlling techniques just come about naturally and are refined if the organization reaches a critical mass and can continue to propagate itself.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Most likely constructed slowly but purposely through their marketing strategy involving their literature production.

    People who became interested in what they were were saying really started to believe that this was the real voice of god speaking

    directly to them and not just mere men, which of course is exactly what it is.

    This to them was being spiritually enriched with God himself.

    The reality is though that the leaders of this organization, Presidents/GB members for what is really a Religious Publishing House, $$$

    knew what they were to put into their publications would draw peoples attention and how it would keep the interested close to them as well.

    The locking and controlling devise of course was the impending Armageddon , which did both not only culled interest but kept the faithful constantly motivated.

    This fear among other things keeps people being JWS and that out the behavior controls devised by the GB they believe makes associating

    with only JWS the best lifestyle to live. When you are given information where the givers of that information supply the meaning of that information without any

    possible out side scrutiny placed upon it, its considered mind controlling that individual for whatever purpose.

    Most organized religions operate in this fashion, like it or not.

  • jaguarbass

    Read Slave species of God by Michael Tellinger, it will answer most of your questions.

  • blondie

    wrong thread

  • Satanus

    Psychos learn controling techniques, like mm said, what works. Rutherford was a psycho, imo. He learned some stuff in his previous life as a lawyer and politician. In charlie russels little group of sincere wackos, he saw his opportunity to carve out his own little empire. And so, when the opportunity presented itself, he went for it. There was no looking back. A few of the bible students escaped. But, for approximatelt half, he turned their little world upside down by using controller psycho techniques on them. The rest is history. Succeeding presidents built on rutherford's foundation.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Rutherford started wanting to "control" every aspect of this religion and it's followers. He may or may not have deliberately used the same type of stuff that clearly mind-control cults use. But what works to bring the money in was what was important.

    The Governing Body was based on the old guard of this corporation. Despite how many years ago Rutherford lived and died, the Governing Body is not that far removed from his era. I mean, they still have sisters wearing napkins on their heads and no pants and skirts of a fairly long length. They still cling to old methods. They are old and really they are one and two generations past Rutherford.

    Think of Cuba run by an old Castro. He was a contemporary of Kennedy from the early 60's, yet his regime really hasn't ended with the old guard that knew him taking over just a few years ago. The WTS is the same way. And with the old guard comes the "control" of everything mentality that Rutherford desired and the mistrust of the members.

    I can see how loaded language makes the members feel special. I can see how the old guard wants to squash outside information. I think many of the old guard got blinded into doing things the cult way but once they get there, they see no other way but to continue.

  • bohm

    im with leavingwt... When you look at rutherfords (and the rest of the stuff that come out of the slave) "intelligence" and "competence" are not the words that jump forth. Its actually quite depressive that the slave has picked up and created almost all the poor habbits all on its own in a process that, to me, looks like a bunch of people who keep trying to "manage" problems instead of solving them (since the mindset of the organization does not allow that). Captives of a concept indeed.

    To those who are interested in the early history, i would stronly suggest the first couple of chapters of "Apocalypse delayed".


    South Park.........Everything the WBT$ learned..They learned from South Park.. ...........LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • flipper

    WOBBLE - Excellent thread ! In regards to whether or not Russell was using " cult mind control" techniques or not you may find this quote from the bokk " The Kingdom of the Cults " by Walter Martin rather interesting. It shows Russell's ego and his belief that people had to turn to HIS writings only for salvation.

    On page 87 it quotes the Watchtower, September 15th, 1910 , this is what Russell states , " If the six volumes of Studies in the Scriptures ( His books ) are practically the Bible, we might not improperly name the volumes THE BIBLE IN AN ARRANGED FORM . That is to say, they are not mere comments on the Bible , BUT THEY ARE PRACTICALLY THE BIBLE ITSELF.............. "

    He continues, " Furthermore , not only do we find that people CANNOT SEE THE DIVINE PLAN IN STUDYING THE BIBLE BY ITSELF , that if anyone lays the " Studies in Scriptures " aside , and ignores them and goes to the Bible alone, our experience shows that within two years HE GOES INTO DARKNESS . On the other hand , if he had merely read the " Studies in the Scriptures " with their references, and had NOT READ A PAGE OF THE BIBLE , as such, he would be in the light at the end of two years , because he would have the light of the scriptures. "

    So it's obvious that Russell was selling the same BS 100 years ago that the WT society is selling today. His view was a person could ONLY get enlightened through HIS publications and that reading the Bible on your own was a waste of time- would throw you into spiritual darkness . If that's not manipulating people by controlling HOW they need to look to him as their savior and informant - I don't know what is . All Russell was , was a crazy -a$$ Mason. With pyramids on his grave. He might have meant well in the beginning- ( although I have my doubts ) however he did love being called " pastor " as well

  • OnTheWayOut

    Rutherford loved self-fulfilling claims of "persecution." He would send the members out there to get arrested or beaten up to bolster the idea that they were being treated this way because they opposed Satan. It seems to me that a guy like that will gladly use techniques that are not really fair to the members. Of course he had to start keeping his methods secret from the members. It all developed out of his need to control.

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