Mind control.

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  • done4good

    Londo111 nailed it.

    This is a matter of social evolution.

    Phizzy - I think we are on the same page. I did understand the OP question, however variants of this question get asked time and again. My point is that we are largely asking the wrong question. It is a matter of stating the obvious that they know something when they do it, (such as lie). Unfortunately, for these guys, that doesn't matter because they believe they are doing so for good reason, (the end justifies the means).

    If we are truly going to understand the way high control groups work, we need to understand the science(s) involved. As Londo111 points out, the organization did not develop into the high control group that it is overnight. This is a matter of evolving certain social memes that "worked", (one of which is evolving techniques used for manipulation). This is a gradual process, given the psychology involved. Looking for some silver bullet to point to as "the" control mechanism being employed, (what most folks here are asking when they ask questions such as do the GB know they are using mind control techniques), is really not possible, due to the gradual nature of its development and the nuance involved. It takes some time out to fully see this, (and also comparing the WT to other high control groups and looking for parallels), however it does become clearer over time. The R&F do it too, it just gets worse the higher one "makes" it in the org.


  • New day
    New day
    Interesting point made by the pre-teen boy who feels he is being brain-washed by hearing the same things over and over again. And I simply thought that there was nothing new to say so things got repeated. The general effect on me these days now that I see things a bit differently is simply to be very bored at the repetition. But I also now look out for how many times a wt article demands complete obedience to the GB. This is also supported by a lot of the prayers given thanking "the slave" for the abundant spiritual food.
  • Xanthippe
    This is also supported by a lot of the prayers given thanking "the slave" for the abundant spiritual food.

    Yes I've heard this on the forum New Day and it amazes me. When I was a witness prayers were about talking to and praising Jehovah. Now they seem to be about praising the GB!

  • smiddy

    Not to go off topic purposely , but surely the same arguments here about the " International bible students"/Jehovah Witnesses and mind control ,could also be used against similar religions that developed over a similar time frame .Groups such as the" Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints" {,Mormons } ,"The Christadelphians" , the "Christian Scientists" and the" Seventh Day Adventists" all of who sprung up roughly about the same time , with maybe the exception of the Mormons who preceded them.

    Should this be a topic of its own ? or does it have relevance here .I know we are talking about JW`s specifically but is their a fundamental connection .?


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @ smiddy, that all religious governing bodies use the same or similar tactics does not make for complicity between them as if they have the same organic root. As you are alluding, most of them do have a common ancestor and that root is Adventism. Yes Mormons are a different species but just as nutty and demanding of slavish obedience.

    However to just look at these religious groups is to ignore the fact that all undemocratic authority be it religious, parental or dictatorships, go unchecked and use the same systems of reward and penalty, information control etc.

    I don’t think they read up on how to pull the wool over the eyes of the less powerful...it seems to be a human weakness of the insecure in power to exploit underdogs. That is why I suggest the GB do not know they are lying, manipulative, narcissists who consciously use “mind control”... it just comes naturally to them in their delusional role as God's chosen ones.

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