Mind control.

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  • dubstepped
    The WTS is the poster child for Hassan's description of using mild control techniques. Step by step by step they fit the pattern. That is not and cannot be an unconscious coincidence.

    My thought on this point is that those mind control techniques that were observed were just that, observed. In other words, instead of being a set game plan that is intentionally executed, they are merely the traits exhibited in high control environments. As such a pattern, observed in various organizations, it actually would be a coincidence, wouldn't it? Just like people that are enablers often follow the same patterns of codependence, or the way that any set of humans seem to follow the same group behavioral patterns. The enabler doesn't sit down and go through a step by step checklist of how to manipulate another human being, they just behave a certain way that others in similar circumstances follow as patterns of human behavior responsive to certain circumstances.

    It's kind of like I have ADHD. I had no clue that I had it until in my thirties. I had certain issues in life, and then found this group of people that had the same behavioral patterns, even a checklist of them (the DSM). I never set out to act a certain way, my behaviors were just indicative of an issue that I had, not intentional at all.

  • prologos
    wt might have even some mind control experts in the writing department that re-cheks everything to best fit their control pattern, even teaching it, without calling it that in seminars. All articles seem to be addressed or depict the ideal jw mindset, no deviation allowed.
  • gone for good
    gone for good
    An organization that publicly rebrands their own ''lying'' as ''theocratic warfare'' is likely involved in much worse.
  • Gayle

    When a man or a small group put themselves up as god's representative to make rules in abundance for people to never question or disagree, he/they have purposely with all arrogance have stepped beyond their place knowingly and are with no balance. Their promises are empty and they only add burden.

    Some people like to be ruled and such an arrogant selfish group find an advantage to this.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    They use mind control and they know it, BUT... they think that it's good for them to do mind control because they have "da troof" and they have to use information control, emotional manipulation, and all kinds of other control tactics in order to "protect" the sheeple from the "mind control" and "independent thinking" of Santa's World.

    And they've had articles on cults, but downplayed the way JWs are a cult and focused on things like: "JWs don't have one human leader they unquestioningly follow", "we don't use starvation or physical abuse to control members", "we don't isolate our members on a remote compound." Yet, the facts show that WT uses cult mind control in their own way that will differ from other cults.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    WT uses mind control and absolutely they know it! That's the reason they harp on how baaaaaaad you are if you miss meetings! And that is why it was so difficult for me to make decisions without consulting "the Friends" or just thinking, "I better make sure what Jehovah would want me to do, first!"

    If you miss a few meetings your repressed brain gears begin to grunt into motion and independent thoughts begin to form. The cognitive dissonance you have been trained to ignore begins to jump up and annoy you.

    Then your good friends begin to say things like, "You need to get back to the meetings!" Which causes you to realize their friendship is conditional, and depends on your meeting attendance. WHICH IS MIND CONTROL.


  • JakeM2012
    Interesting conversation. At one time I did not believe it, and defended them. But there is a definite slant in all the articles, especially the study articles, of how they present an issue discuss it and it always ends up that the reader is deficient somehow or someway and he needs to make changes to be in Jehovah's favor, and there is a lot of discussion and loaded language to grow guilt in a desert. I've heard remarks that Jehovah is the hand puppet of the WTBTS, and I believe it. After being away for some years now, I can't even read a whole paragraph without balking about something said. My Op? Yep, the writers know darn well what they are trying to do. That's why I think there is more of a mastermind behind the whole con.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Hm. Let's just sit in on an imaginary meeting at a district/regional convention or a special assembly... I shall paraphrase from memory some expressions and phrases of the "programs". See if any of this sounds familiar or rings a bell....

    FIRST, we are briefed at every assembly to pay attention, to pay close attention, to make notes... "so that our ears can be ready to hear the things heard." We hear how spiritual people pay attention to spiritual things (unlike being fleshly people paying attention to fleshly things)... How listening to Jehovah (and his organization) means life, and that we must "incline our ear and our heart to understanding..."

    Then, the speaker may ask or say things like this:

    "Are we willing to be humble and accept the truths presented? ...Do we show and demonstrate that we value the teachings of our great god Jehovah AND his organization? Do we display a sheeplike disposition...? Are we ready to readjust our thinking on matters?

    "You Parents, are you being faithful in training up a boy in the way he should go? Are you regularly ... blah blah blah... And are you regularly inculcating these truths into your child's heart...? Are you loyal to Jehovah by showing that you are bringing up your son or daughter in the discipline and mental-regulating* of Jehovah...? Does your life give evidence of this? What is your pattern or custom ...? How regular are you in field service, personal study, family study, meeting attendance... (How many of these activities are related to doing and thinking the same thing, over and over and over...?)


    ... Hm. I find it "interesting" that when at the meetings, one might wonder about mind control or mind control techniques....

    * (the creepy, weird phrase "mental-regulating" has been replaced in the new New World Translation at Ephesians chapter 6 - something.

  • hoser

    mind control" and "independent thinking" of Santa's World.


  • Tater-T

    The fact that they are so good at IT ..... you can't be that proficient at something.... and not know IT

    as to motive.... saviors save ... they are saving people... faithfully and decreetly...

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