Mind control.

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  • stuckinarut2

    Great Thread!!!

    Yes, the org uses Mind Control, but because they feel they are GOD's CHANNEL, it is considered the CORRECT thing to do!

    Yes great thread.......................Too bad there wasn't some way to show some of this to a J-Dub and get them to wake up and back out of the "Cult Program".
  • Finkelstein

    One should also take into account the power structure that exists within the organization from the bottom publishers / Mic handlers to the very top GB members.

    That in itself comprises why and how this organization operates.

    The GB heads are essentially supporting their own power, position and financial lifestyle, while proclaiming its all Jehovah's will and purpose. ........... it isn't its (all) theirs.

  • truthseeker100

    Education is the key to avoid being mind controlled! A big key.

    I am sure there are other factors as well for example, my grandfather knew how to create and manage a farm with only a grade two education. When my father approached him with the watchtower crap he dismissed it. His church gatherings were more for socialization than being brain washed.

    Maybe part of the mind control is in our genes.

  • Finkelstein

    The power the printed word shouldn't over looked in regards to the WTS.

    The past leaders of this organization knew that if they backed themselves with the bible they could sustain a level of believability in their doctrines.

    Oh really I didn't know the bible said that ?

    Please come in and tell me more .

  • truthseeker100
    The power of the printed word is immense. It is true. I know many converted dubs who said to me about what really drew them in was"if it says that in the bible then I'll believe it". Then there are people like myself that left family and religion behind at a relativley young age ,shunned and refused further indoctrination. I think there is a genetic component here.
  • HBH
    This is a subject that I’ve been contemplating, as my deprogramming out of the BORG is complete, now I’m deprogramming out of a culture!!! It’s gaining an awareness so as to become transparent to myself. I’m still working on it, and the need to take action is pressing.
    Writers such as Chris Hedges and especially Morris Berman really help in seeing the reality of The culture of the US. Google them, and you’ll find content that relates to the issue of “mind control” or the “programming imposed by a culture” (or as it relates to the BORG.)

    As far as the original question, I think the answer is no, I don't think is is deliberate. I think they are “buying the lie”, so yes, they are “aware”, but adopt a false value. Like a drug addict that says “I’ll quit next week”, but never does. This is illustrated by Sartre’s “bad faith,” This ties in with the “programming” of “we’re the chosen people”, which as I remarked, is related to the idea of American Exceptionalism. Remember, this is a US born religion, and both, the US, and the BORG use mind control (programming) to maintain and grow the false narrative.
    Great thread,
  • truthseeker100
    HBH You might have something there. My grandfather and myself are Canadian. My father married an American.
  • LisaRose

    Of course it's deliberate, there is no way they don't know what they are doing. Every cult uses pretty much the same techniques, and cults don't even have to be religious, it's not the beliefs, it's the culture. Controlling your time, controlling what you read, claiming to being the only route to salvation are all things done to keep people enslaved to a concept/group. Using fear and intimidation by telling people they will die at Armageddon is classic cult, that's why they keep making erroneous date predictions. Fearful people are easily manipulated, that's why Armageddon is always "just around the corner". Telling you that you must only associate with other JWs keeps you from seeing how illogical their beliefs are. If everyone you knows believes the same thing there is no one to point out the logical fallacies.

  • smiddy

    When an organization has been around for as long as the WT/JW for more than 130 years ,and they keep tweeking /changing little bits of their history every now and then ,surely you would have to ask why ?

    What big Company , Corporation established 100 /150 years ago fudges their early history so an interested person gets a complete false impression of what actually transpired so many years ago.

    The WTB&TS not only falsify what they printed in their early publications today to give a false impression as to what they said then , they eradicate every and anything they can of previous publications that may embarrass them of what they preach today.

    So I ask you again what Company ,Organization ,Corporation , is so embarrassed by their early beginnings that they would go to the lengths that the Governing Body of Jehovah Witnesses do to hide their early history .

    I believe Jehovah Witnesses are alone here.


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