Mind control.

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  • Xanthippe
    The end justifies the means every time with this organisation. They tell themselves they are controlling people for the sake of their everlasting life. Which incidentally was the reason the Inquisition gave when they tortured people to death.
  • HBH
    To clarify, I’d say yes, it is deliberate, but they don’t realize that it is. Just like a narcissist will use Machiavellian manipulation, but they are unaware that they are doing it. Dark Triad
  • done4good

    For the most part, it is not a conscious ploy. There are no "books" on how to mind control someone, (at least in a direct and complete manner).

    The JW system of belief, is by its very nature, a manipulative system. JWs are "taught" to be manipulative through years of indoctrination and through example. They are rewarded by that very system for doing so. That is how one climbs the JW corporate ladder. The GB are the most manipulated of anyone in the hierarchy, and therefore can bald face lie about anything to anyone. This serves to support their own belief, as well reinforce that belief on others.

    This has everything to do with how individuals respond to existential fears. Religions by their very nature play on this inherit human quirk. The more black and white, (read fundamental), the system is, the greater the potential to become addicted to catering to one's existential fear. This is what Karl Marx was talking about referring to religion being the "Opium of the People".

    How this principle applies within the context of the WT is unique, and this is where many misunderstand the nature of the leadership. The leaders have long since become addicted to catering to their own existential fear, and this is why they feel no conscious tweak from the cognitive dissonance they should be experiencing. The level of manipulation the leaders exert on the rank and file is directly proportional to the level black and white, narrow minded, fundamental belief, afforded by a eschatological religion. In other words, the world has not ended, (as we said it would), so we need to invent reasons why it has not, and make sure to control everyone's belief that it will end "soon". This is done as much to appease their own belief, as it is to control others. All they have to really "believe" is that they are god's chosen representatives, (technically the most enlightened in all the earth), and the rest takes care of itself.


  • Phizzy

    They know exactly what they are doing, just as Politicians know how to be "economical with the truth" and how to express things that make everything sound fine and dandy about their Party and its Policies.

    What they do, both politicians and JW/WT writers, is in no way accidental or subconscious.

    To put it more bluntly, they know they are lying.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    WT is a cult, they deliberately use mind control. Personally I don't think the top bosses care if it damages people or not. The main goal is money.


  • 4thgen

    My pre-teen son came home from the meeting that he went to with his father and said that the meeting was trying to 'brainwash him'. I asked him why he thought that and he said 'because they keep repeating the same things over and over again'.

    It made me proud that he saw that, but also made me wonder why if a pre-teen could see it, why couldn't we as adults? The conclusion that I came to, it that he is aware of what to look for. Many of us were innocent to mind control tactics and were open to the idea of a perfect society.

    The best we can do is be vocal with what we have learned. Hopefully, it will help others to avoid the heartache that we endured while being ignorant to what was behind the curtain.

  • done4good

    Just for clarity, I am not stating the entire effort is "subconscious". The WT has obviously learned to harness and refine their manipulative techniques quite effectively. However, to miss the point that subconscious elements are at the root of the problem, only serves to misunderstand the problem and how to deal with it correctly.There is clearly a correlation of mind control effects and JW behavior, but that does not prove causation.

    Mind control is real yes, but there is no no mind control boogeyman, so stop looking for one.


  • done4good


    To put it more bluntly, they know they are lying.

    Did Ray Franz "know" he was lying while on the GB?

  • HBH

    I agree with done4good.

    4thgen, not to get off topic, but the method seems to catch many in an emotionally fragile state, then the love bombing reels em in. At least that's how it was for me.


  • jhine


    That is a good question ..!I am in the "it is so blatant and widespread , they must know camp " But your observation about Ray Franz is interesting.


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