What Were Some Stupid Rules In Your Hall?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Okay, let me get this straight. Toe rings and anklets lead on up to the final frontier, but bracelets and rings lead not to the twin peaks but do not lead to anything? And please don't get me started on necklaces that droop, hang, and dangle over the girls.

  • verystupid77

    We had three but one moved away and none of the elders know where nor do they care. So now we have two one really passive one and one really aggressive one. Lucky us.

    It just makes me so mad that no parents can know. What is with that none of the elders will tell me why nor the CO just that no one can know. We must not hurt the feelings of the pedo God forbid.

  • verystupid77

    Blondie is also so right where she said

    I didn't even suggest it was a smart-ass question. Merely emphasizing the damage that one pedophile in a congregation can cause.

    But do not let the elders hear you talking like that Blondie because we must not judge Jehovah works miracles we all know. It must be kept quit no one can know in the hall especially parents the elders are the only ones who can know and not even all of them. Yeh these pedo's can do anything they want. The aggrasive one has been such a jerk to me. But I must forgive him. I was molested as a kid and he has all the markings of still doing it to kids but God forbid that I speak that out loud.

    Now, now sister very stupid we must never make the child molester feel bad. Forget that you are hurting by being raped as a kid Jehovah will fix you in the new system but brother child molester over here well if he leaves the truth because you do not like him well you will not have a chance in hell of being there yourself.

  • WTWizard

    First, I will say that snowboarding was banned because too many people were doing it, and you cannot be out in field circus while snowboarding.

    In my old hall, they made rules as they went along. Everything they saw me doing, they would make a rule if it could ultimately undercut my celibacy (even if that wouldn't happen for another 15 years or more). Nothing was being done in dark corners that could have been suspicious--yet, they made rules against candy mints, pens, supplying paper to children to draw on (with their parents in plain view, no less), or any sort of gestures to the opposite sex that could result in my having sex at any time in my life.

    I bet that now, with the August Kingdumb Misery article about finding men in the territory, they are planning to make the rule that I have absolutely no contact with the opposite sex, and just try to reach men for this campaign (which has no expiration date, so I presume it's forever). And, with all the just plain men around me, just not going out at all will be taken away as an option. As for recapture, with this article, I bet they are just imagining that this is my assignment, and it has my name written on it (yes, I did get it from JWS).

  • Flarke

    Women had to wear panty hose! Ick!

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