Why do I suddenly want to start reading JW literature and going to Kingdom Halls?

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  • yogosans14

    is good calling me back or am I just letting my emotions get the best of me?also I really want to be closer to my Jw family. Btw I was never baptized and I consider myself a born again Christian i go to a baptist church and wath televangelist and I have expirenced gods presence like never before but sometimes I get fearful and think "what if jws are right and I'm wrong" than I'm screwed!but if there wrong and I'm right it doesn't look to good for them.

    i would prefer if nobody posted "God isn't real" type comments. I truly believe he is real but I respect why some are atheists.

  • apostrate

    Well, what if the Mormons are right?

    What if the Muslims are right?

    What if the Seventh Day Adventists are right?

    Actually, I believe that you have already answered your own questions in your first two sentences. A) Yes, you are letting your emotions get the best of you, and B) You are wanting to be closer to your JW family.

    You have to ask yourself, even though it is for the sake of your family, can you sit through the meetings again, listening to what they are indoctrinating people with? You know it is not the truth.

    Once people find out there is no Santa Claus, do they ever revert back to believing in him for the sake of the children?

  • Listener

    Neither religion is right, that is evident by the changes they need to continually make and by the damage that their direct damage that their religion causes.

    Is one more right than another? Who knows but why would God judge us because we chose one religion over another based on this or that teaching being right or wrong?

    He knows what's in our hearts and how knows our sincerity and desire to draw close to him, we don't need a religion to do that but a little encouragement from others always helps.

    One thing that is not right with the JW religion is that in order to be a JW (as opposed to one of Christ's followers) is that you have accept all of their teachings regardless of how wrong they are. You are not free to go with your own conscience and understanding on bible beliefs.

  • LisaRose

    Many people raised as JWs initially reject it, but some are drawn back because they still believe it on some level. Some come back when they have children, as they become afraid for them, some come back when they have problems, and some come back to make their family happy.

    Many are brought back for the same reason as you, the dreaded "what if they are right?". I don't know your history, or why you left, but if you left because you didn't think it was the truth, why are you doubting it now? Do you understand cult mind control and how it works? Because that is what the Watchtower uses to keep people afraid to leave.

    Why would you think there is any possibility that the Watchtower is God's only chosen organization? They lie about their history of past wrong predictions, they use cult mind control techniques, they hide child molesters and break up families with their harsh shunning practices. In my mind there is zero chance they are being used by God, so I don't waste time wondering "what if they are right?" anymore than I wonder "what if the moon is made of green cheese?"

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Logical consistency, the claims of a belief system must logically cohere

    to each other and not contradict in any way.

    Empirical adequacy, is there evidence to support the belief system.

    The problem, the very book that religious organization follow are

    full of contradiction and no evidence of the stories in the bible.

    For some reason God made it very elusive for mankind to understand

    his wishes. That's why you are in the predicament you are in today.

    If you feel God is calling you it is definitely not the JW God, he is

    busy with child abuse cases..

  • Virran

    I think that reading through the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures will open up your eyes and remove any and all doubts you're having.

    The bible tells us that Jesus is our only mediator, not a small group of imperfect men with one false prophecy after another.

  • EndofMysteries
    You sound like you have somewhat of a personal relationship with your God. If you join the JW's, then it's "impossible" to get any direct help or involvement from God, you can't understand the bible or anything, you must rely and fully accept what the "governing body" men say. After you have left all friends and family who are not JW and are 100% only around JW's, if you get tired of this or feel it's wrong then leave, then all of them will be required to shun you.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I'm betting you had a stroke and don't know it.
  • TheListener

    P err heaps choosing a couple core dub beliefs and really investigating them will show you that they aren't right.

    It worked for me. I used to wake up freaking out that the new system was coming and I wasnt going to make it. It took a lot of research and time to finally get over that fear.

  • smiddy

    You say "what if Jehovah Witnesses are right"....what time period are you talking about ?, what year , what decade, what century ? They are forever changing their story , interpretation ,understanding of never changing scripture , because of their ludicrous belief "the light gets brighter and brighter" it`s a pity their brains don`t get wiser and wiser .

    Then they may appreciate that at no time have they ever been right.


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