Too bad our daughter was born....

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  • JWinprotest

    Our cong does not include the birth of a child in the announcements in the Service meeting does anyone elses?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I do not have any biological children of my own...and I never will. Why? Because I devoted my younger years to the cult. Do I resent that? Yep. Do I dwell on it.... no....not any more.

    At 42, it was unlikely that I would marry a woman young enough to have kids. ((Even if I did, I watched my dad go through hell when my youngest brother was born...32 years ago.... my dad was the age I am now......42. (mom was 33). Little brother was born when I was 10, my middle brother was 7.... and my little brother was not planned but he was and is loved...despite the tremendous heartache he has often caused.))

    Now that I have met someone who, though still early in our relationship, looks like she is "the one" ...we know we are not having any children together...the risks to her health are too great to chance it...and we are both too old to be raising kids into our 60s... I look forward to helping her raise her 8 year old son. I hope I can have a good influence in helping him to grow up to be a good man in life...someone that is caring and non-judgmental. And we will still be young enough when he flies the nest to do some travelling together.

    I have heard JW parents at the KH say this (the topic subject) about their kids....usually self-righteous pioneer wannabees.... let me tell up your chance at kidsin this system....with a fake promise at kids in some fantasy paradise at some continuously shrinking future date.... to knock on thousands of doors over a lifetime to get maybe one or two recruits to the cult....just to watch 4 or 5 others leave out the back door....that is an excerise in futility. No thanks. I abhor violence, but I cannot stand stupid people like that...but this is an exception...Please smack the hell out of the next JW parent that says crap like that.

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