To a Witness, JW doctrines are like the law of gravity

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  • BonaFide

    Do you ever get together and bring up the subject of whether or not the law of gravity is true or not?

    Neither do I.

    And that's how most Witnesses view their doctrines. There is no discussion to be had, there's nothing to talk about. Here on this forum some spend hours discussing how Witnesses are wrong, which they are, on so many different doctrines. But Witnesses don't analyze the doctrines. They just accept them.

    At that Gilead thing last night, no one brought up any doctrines. To a Witness, doing that would be like questioning gravity, what's the point? So we talked about Bethel, and field service, and Gilead, and personalities in the congregation. And funny stories. If anyone had brought up anything at all related to doctrines, everyone would have gotten really nervous. Usually I try to bring something up, last night I didn't, guess I chickened out.

    Any comments?


  • loosie

    The difference though is that the theory of gravity can be proven. JW doctorine cannot be proven. Not even by Reniaa.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The law of gravity has not been overturned. Any new theories and thoughts added to the law of gravity do not defy it.
    None of that can be said of JW doctrines.

  • sspo

    Looking back at the many years in the borg, you realize that among the witnesses

    there is truly a " form of godly devotion but proves false to its powers"

    they go thru the motion of serving " Jehovah God" but it's not heartfelt,

    it's about following the letter of the law of the governing body and that's how

    they prove their spirituality and faithfulness.

    Primarily following "rules and regulations" set by the watchtower.

    There are a few exception of course.

  • mrsjones5

    To stay in the bOrg you have to follow the rules and keep your mouth shut, no questions of any kind. Appearance is everything.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Absolutely, in terms of their view of doctrine. In fact this is a big part of their brand. And what attracts many to it. They treat doctrine as a hard science. Very analytically, even if the rationale is circular. Note how they're always analyzing ancient Hebrew and Greek.


    "JW Doctrines are like the Law of Gravity"..........Actually JW Doctrines are subject to the Law of Gravity......Eventually they all Fall...............................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    It is my view that a JW follows the edicts of the GB either because

    • of whom the GB claims to be, regardless of what it says or
    • they are concerned at the personal consequences of being chucked out. They would be concerned at open discussion for fear of potential consequences.
  • insearchoftruth

    There has never been any new light for the laws of gravity......

  • reniaa

    I just spent 2 years really studying the doctrines with regards to the scriptures and if there is any trinity doctrine in the bible as well. The Jw doctrines won hands down, the depth of their teachings compared to the babyfood of other christian faiths that don't get past calling on Jesus's name are so powerful.

    things like the old covenant being the shadow of the new covenant and the correlations between the two, the chosen levi priesthood and the chosen bride class as co-heirs with Jesus to God.

    then I talk to a trinitarian that reads his doctrine into the bible or a born again that says God is love and call on jesus all you need is two scriptures and I just give up with them.


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