A couple I know were accepted to Gilead

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  • BonaFide

    128th Class. Starts this fall. So the celebratory and going-away gatherings have started. Last night I went to one.

    The dinner was nice, the food was delicious, the conversation was all about how they got their long form, how they got their acceptance letter, what they will take to Patterson, what country they think they might get assigned to, stuff like that.

    There was ABSOLUTELY NO TALK about doctrines or 1914 or anything even close. One brother brought up a Biblical point about the covenants, and how Jesus had a separate covenant with his disciples. That's it.

    Many of you are out, and I am happy for you. For those of us still in, wow, it's amazing to sit there and listen to everyone talking, well, just like I used to talk. All about the Organization, and Gilead, and staying "in the Truth" and how Jehovah is opening up the work in so many countries. No facts or figures really, just talk.

    I could sense a feeling of specialness that pervades the group. We have the truth, and we are going to live forever, and we are the only ones who preach the Good News of the Kingdom.

    Anyway, just thought I would relate this. For those that wonder, yes I did congratulate them. I couldn't think of anything else to do, and they are so happy.

    Any comments?


  • reniaa

    I'm happy for them :) thank you bonafide

    many forget jesus's words

    Luke 14: 27 Whoever is not carrying his torture stake and coming after me cannot be my disciple. NWT

    we should serve and it was never meant to be less than a full personal commitment.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I'm happy for them. Look what Gilead did for AllTimeJeff, [email protected] and who knows how many others?

  • truthlover


    that reminds me of the old days - when we all sat around a table, with good food and friends and brought up topics for discussion and asked questions - it was great! not everyone agreed, but who cared... and I miss those times..

    Today, we still have good times but somehow its different. But manageable..


  • mrsjones5

    If Matthew 24 or 25 whatever has been fulfilled by the bOrg why are they still accepting folks from the rank and file into Gilead?

  • HappyDad

    we should serve and it was never meant to be less than a full personal commitment.

    So Renaia........what are you doing? Why aren't you doing anything close to your comment?


  • chickpea

    new meat for the grinder...
    if they were fully aware of
    the organization they seek
    to serve selflessly, that's
    one thing.... but chances
    are they arent....

    wonder it there will still be
    a "kick them to the curb"
    policy should they grow
    old and burdensome to

    bon voyage, and good luck

  • OnTheWayOut

    I just couldn't do it. I could see how they are happy, but to congratulate them would be too much for me.

    "Congratulations, you will be recruiting people to a false hope in a foreign land. You will learn new depths of trickery and self denial to promote a corporation who cares about its members as much as a shark cares about a minnow. Here's your big chance- you can either wake up during your missionary training to realize the scam or you can put your cognitive dissonance in high gear like everyone else and just go along."

  • blondie

    The Gileadites I have known are no longer in their assignments...too rough.

    My opinion is that the WTS is sending company men to these countries to make sure that WTS policies are being followed. If "preaching" were the point, then why not send single women? Very few are sent, exceptions for one reason or another; engaged to a Gilead graduate and approved to follow them to the assignment; father is a "heavy" brother at Bethel.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    If it wasn't for Gilead I would still be like Reniaa

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