Is the Downfall of Jehovah's Witnesses More Important Then You?

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  • designs


    As I've asked others, now that you have joined a Church and believe in a different theology, what is your God going to do with a Witness who does not want to believe as you do.


  • isaacaustin

    I can not answer that. God is the final I would not attempt to judge.

  • designs


    So if your God is the final judge why get all worked up over Witnesses who want to stay Witnesses. Is it just to get them out of a super strick religion. Where did you wind up that you think you made such great religious progress.


  • isaacaustin

    Not is not about is about serving God. Those in the org are unable to do is the case of many stuck in mind control cults. Service to God is service to man to those who are captives. I am free of that!

  • chickpea

    i think disseminating an insider's POV
    about the behind the scenes treachery
    of the b0rg is important....
    as well as highlighting all the incredible double speak
    that finds the b0rg playing shift the
    pedophile with as much agility as the
    oft scourged RCC, and keeping company
    with the "beast" standing in the holy place,
    the UN-NGO connection..... WTH??

    i was inactive due to some intensely
    horrific family matters, but still "in"
    as far as being distressed by my inactivity
    and the rejection of the b0rg by my older
    children, one of whom was baptized
    (never DF'd even while living with her B/F)

    serendipitous link following
    on a completely unrelated site
    led me to which
    had a link to JWD...

    talk about a b!tch slap of reality...
    huge HUGE cognitive REconnect
    and i was free of the guilt and
    despair about the relationship
    with a fraudulent cult religion

    lemme tell you, the b0rg does
    a good job of slitting their
    own throat, and it bothers me
    not in the least to offer the knife

    as pointed out in this thread,
    in some instances merely
    bringing up the term JW unleashes
    a fiery scathing diatribe one can fan
    with a mere interjection of a single
    relevant phrase ...

    interested in their downfall?

    eh, more like hoping their hand is forced
    to reject their hateful practice of shunning,
    because while it has next to no impact on my
    life, as we were in and out in one generation,
    (everyone lived to fight another day!) i know
    it DEVASTATES decent loving gracious people
    and holds so many captive to a the whims of
    this cult.... but i freely confess i would not shed
    a tear if there was a collapse, except for the
    people who had truly given over all their treasure
    to a false god and his minions

  • AllTimeJeff

    Thanks for the responses thus far. I thought the premise of this has more to do with how much of our post JW life does our old JW background dominate since we left.

    To clarify, it was never my intention to imply that the anger one feels is not real or shouldn't be expressed.

    Clack Sheep (Chris) said

    You will grow out of Jeff.

    ...and don't go imputing anger and hate etc. into our posts. You can't see the face of the poster. All you see is text.

    Criticism is not anger or hate. It is just criticism.

    Chris, your point is very valid about not seeing the face of the poster. I always have felt that it is a real limitation of the internet when we get on here. I never mean my little "essays" to be taken super specifically, and they are never aimed at anyone. At the same time, I know I have on several occasions been helped by posters here who honestly gave some thoughts, opinions, and insights, that I was able to use in my own retrospection about the whole experience I had as a JW, and what the rest of my life means. My original post was offered in that spirit.

    And as you say, criticism is legit. But the act of criticizing is just that, an action. It isn't the emotion that fuels it. For my part (as I can only speak for myself) the emotion that fuels my criticism is a little bit of anger, and a desire to contribute to boards such as this that have helped me.

    The last thing a former JW needs is to feel that they shouldn't be angry towards the borg.

    Tuesday said:

    THis is a cool post. The only problem with this, if there's no people like us who have learned to live with the fact we were JWs there will be no one for people looking for an exit to talk to.

    Great point, thats why I come here myself. It appears I implied that we should all eventually move on and forget about it all. I think I meant it more personally in this sense: why we come here and what we say is a good barometer for our recovery.

    It reminds me of Moby Dick. Captain Ahabs obsession to chase the whale that maimed him. I think it at least possible that this is the case. There are healthy ways, such as posting here that are very legit.

    But I also really believe that living well is the best and ultimate revenge. The GB tells its sheeples that "apostates" are nothing more then angry beasts, doomed to traverse the rest of their lives in bitterness. Of course, they take the natural reaction former JW's have toward learning about their lies and their half ruined lives and spin it.

    Anyway, that's where I was heading. Of course, when you post deep thoughts past midnight, you can probably screw that up like I did with a bunch of words...

    Wobble said

    Would you call Steve Hassan angry ? I think most people who have exited from a cult are concerned to help others out if possible, and posting on here certainly does that. I don't feel any white-hot anger, frustration, pity, sadness and a number of other emotions are present in me, but not hate or anger.

    I take your point though,AT Jeff, I think sometimes we get stuck on not rocking the boat,because we have made a sucessful "fade" say, so we ONLY vent on here, not to our family etc. because of possible repercussions.

    I think I am moving beyond that stage now, so watch this space ! I may soon be DF'd

    Great point about Hassan. You could include Randy Watters, Ray Franz and others like them who have helped tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands I guess) with what they have published, and the resources they have made available.

    I like how you put it, you sort of crystalized what I was driving at: that is, getting stuck in a mindset.

    Keep us posted on your JW status, I find it fascinating how each individual handles their situations. (its good to think of ourselves as individuals isnt' it?)

    designs said:

    It is kind of amazing that some xjws will go and join some Church like the RCC or Baptists How bad was the green burrito that made that seem like a good idea.

    "Methodists are Baptists who can read' Driving Miss Daisy

    LOL! I know what you mean, but I have also learned that many draw great comfort and a centerdness from their faith. Other religions aren't like JW's. Do I think a person needs religion to get that comfort and centerdness? No, but that is their choice.

    However, Mrs Daisy really should have got to know some some Baptists outside of the deep South... (cheap joke, sorry... just a joke, nothing to see, move along here.....)

    The rest of the replies here involve a poster who I do not wish to indulge. My point in this was rather simple, just an opportunity to reflect on what makes us tick in our post JW existence. I wouldn't really expect anyone currently involved as a JW promoter and apologist to understand.

    And lastly, in case my words caused offense, please know that I never meant that. Sometimes, I do like to put different ideas out there, but I realize and stronly believe in all here to act and think as they please. There is no one "right" way to do anything. I appreciate the responses though.....

  • AllTimeJeff


    I hear you. Thanks for sharing what you did. I think that shunning as JW's do it is disgusting. The pain it caused drove my brother to suicide.

    And btw, to clarify, while I won't be actively working for this, I hope the whole damn WTBTS collapses. I'll just be looking at it from a distance.....

  • minimus

    This religion was a part of my life, was my life. Not now, not ever again. I don't hate JWs. If they continue on, I'll not be shocked. they haven't ruined my life. I wouldn't allow them to do that. I'm in control---not them.

  • reniaa

    Hi alltimejeff

    you are open and clear but shun the one pro-witness poster :s like i say I find it ironic that many things are condemned in witnesses by you and others

    I think that shunning as JW's do it is disgusting. -alltimejeff

    but apparently not bad if you do them yourselves. anyway I've said my peace even if you shun it and me.


  • AllTimeJeff


    It's good to realize that they don't own us anymore.

    I also recognize that individuals will always have the ability to pick and choose who they associate with, respond to, etc. It's when shunning is institutionalized at the expense of the individuals conscience that it becomes a problem.

    I don't hate JW's at all. I do feel sorry for them.

    But always always always, every person who leaves is at the very least as important as anyone else in the borg. How could you not be simply because you, for whatever reason, no longer subscribe to JW dogma?

    Live well, be happy! It truly is the best revenge.

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