My Thoughts on Michael Jackson

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  • steve2

    Michael, through no fault of his own, viewed life from the perspective of a "deprived" celebrity: The childhood he missed out on became endless fodder for his complaining about his early family life. It's interesting in the article cited above, Michael zeroed in on the nice, comfy possessions of the middle-class.

    He was not a socially conscious performer; the working class or ghetto seldom, if ever figured in his lyrics. His "Feed the World" was a one-off,m one, money-making pieve of congratulatory celebrity back-slapping. Never before has a "superstar" embodied such unrelenting, adolescent self-absorption.

    When anyone dies before their "time", it's a tragedy. Like his ex-father-in-law, Elvis, the real king of rock and roll - Michael died long after his heyday was over.

  • Emmylou

    I googled Michael Jackson, philantropist and there is quite abit of information on his charitable works. One article said over his lifetime he has given 100 million. Another article said he was in the Guiness Book of World Records 2000 for the most charities (39) contributed to by a pop star. So I believe he was a very socially conscious performer. He contributed the 1.5 million he won in the law suit against Pepsi when he was burned making a commercial. It went to a burn center he started.

    I believe he had many issues...physically and mentally that possibly resulted in his early death. I believe he was incredibly gifted.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Interesting piece there on his pioneering. How could anyone push a child like this. The music, then the JW stuff. When does the kid get a break? I really think MJ was like the canary in the coal mine. Many are. They can't get past it. And we should not condemn them. rather their dysfunction should serve as a warning. Because we and our loved ones may be less vulnerable, but not invulnerable.

  • snowbird

    Thank you, Randy.

    I'm too choked up to say any more.


  • BurnTheShips

    That was a phenomenal read on MJ. Thanks, Dogpatch. That is what I think about it too.

    We X-JWs understand MJ better than most of the world does. He was a sensitive soul, and he never fully recovered.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    There was a special on NBC about Michael's day to day life tonight. I had seen parts of it before. This time I looked at the man behind those eyes. He was a tortured soul. He never had a childhood. His father was ruthless, and his mother took the rest of his childhood away with the forced rituals of her religion.

    Was he a monster in disquise? Your guess is as good as mine. I have no responsibility to judge him as many have done. He was not convicted in the courts. That's all I know.

    He recreated the word eccentric. No doubt about that. Neverland was symbolic of his far flung obsession with childhood. I used to think he was somewhat of a drama queen in interviews - no one could be so mild speaking and emotional and then go on stage with the level of power and talent he possessed I thought. Now I think maybe he was a deeply shy person - one with great emotional pain and baggage. The other Michael showed up on stage.

    I know one thing - I loved his music, even when it was forbidden fruit as far as the GB was concerned. Billie Jean, Beat it, Thriller. Even my grandkids are mourning his passing - and loved his music. Just today my granddaughter wanted to play the Jackson 5 album in the car. She knows every song.

    MJ was and is an icon. I hope he rests in peace. I don't think he knew much peace in life.


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