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  • Dogpatch

    My personal impressions of Michael Jackson have only changed over the years because of his obsessions and because of the molestation accusations. But Michael was a real genius artist and a one-of-a-kind. It's kind of a sad story, really, because all the time as a Jehovah's Witness I could see how he would be miserable - being brought to fame instantly, having to grow up without a childhood, and being haunted by that very deprivation the rest of his life… to the point of consuming him completely in seeking his lost childhood.

    It was an obsession. Everything about Michael was about having a childhood of his dreams. Since he could not have that, he sought to fill this need through others, mainly children. Michael loved to entertain; he loved to make children happy. The sorrow the world now expresses is unprecedented – he was loved by so many millions, not only for his exceptional musical ability and dance moves, but for being who he was.

    Children, especially gifted children and artistic children, are often very sensitive emotionally. They also crave a higher way of life, a spiritual life, whatever form it may take. For Michael, he did not have much choice, he was raised a Jehovah's Witness. Yet his very spirit inside could not be held back by such an oppressive fundamentalist system that actively seeks to suppress any ounce of talent, or any effort to stand out from the crowd.

    Michael finally managed to extract himself from the Witnesses by the late 80s, but by then the damage was irreversible. His obsessions and his fame morphed his body and his mind. His obsession with children, with fantasy, and with the magic of being a child, was all part of a process that led to his early death.

    This is not a phenomenon that occurs with most belief systems. It is only the ones that stifle imagination, creativity, talent, and popularity. They are the ones that scowl at children. They spank them repeatedly to make them behave, forcing them to sit in church and listen, or else. Somehow they think that this will brainwash the child into loving God, but in the end it destroys them. Not only do the children never end up loving such a cruel God, they end up being afraid of the wrath of the designers of that god should they not follow the dictates of those designers.

    In the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, these designers are the Governing Body that make up all the rules. They convey the unspoken attitudes and promote the oppressive spirit in the Watchtower organization. Ever since the days of Joseph Rutherford, an abusive drunk who was the second president of the Watchtower Society, the youth-creativity-popularity has been squelched by the equivalent of an evil nun raising children alone in a convent. Birthdays, Christmas and other holidays are strictly forbidden. Further education is frowned upon and discouraged by the old authoritarians in charge.

    It is interesting to see the young people of Iran rebel against this type of oppression by their formidable religious leaders. It is all over the issue of oppression. Oppression of free speech, of talent, and of popularity. It's all the same issue: religion, politics or otherwise. People will seek to control other people to their detriment, even as they believe they are doing them a favor.

    If you have a child (and I'm speaking as a former pastor who has helped many families), please don't force your beliefs on your children. They will never have a healthy loving view of a God that has a stick behind his back, ready to beat them into submission. If God is good, then love and grace and kindness should be the lure, not threats of annihilation or hell.

    I can understand why Michael would want to become a Muslim in the end. First many of them were his friends, and were not so judgmental like the Jehovah's Witnesses. Many of them were talented professionals, and they had the same sense of “morality” as the Witnesses. In many ways they were very similar. Probably they are more kind and loving them the Witnesses with children, I do not know. But I do know that Michael sought solace from their companionship and apparently it was enough to make him decide to convert to Islam. We all have our own intricate reasons for the choosing of what we are going to believe. Many of these reasons (or should I say drives; because they are not intellectual enough to be called “reasons”) are from roots much deeper, more primal than the thoughts in your head and speculations of your mind. For many people, the drive for religion is often due to pain, of loneliness, of helplessness. Of course, that is why Jesus is so popular, as he represents kindness love and peace to others. May Michael be at peace.


  • mrsjones5


    May you finally be at peace Michael


  • Yizuman

    Forgive me for saying so, but I find it ironic that Michael followed after Islam, a religion started by a pedophile Prophet Muhammad who married a 6 year old girl and consumated the marriage at the age of 9.

    But nonetheless, a great writeup on your thoughts.


  • Ohio Nana
    Ohio Nana

    "If you have a child (and I'm speaking as a former pastor who has helped many families), please don't force your beliefs on your children. They will never have a healthy loving view of a God that has a stick behind his back, ready to beat them into submission. If God is good, then love and grace and kindness should be the lure, not threats of annihilation "

    What a good post and how I wish I could have my JW daughter read it.I worry for my grandchildren and funny thing I am not JW and never forced religion on my daughter even let her drop out of confirmation class(Lutheran)when she didn't like it.And have never said anything bad about JW's and even studied for a couple of years and tired to understand it.Daughter married JW and then she because Super JW and son in law was DF's for smoking last year.Weird!!!!!!!!

  • dinah

    May Michael be at peace. His heart was just too big to live here.

  • homejah

    The JW's whom I knew say he had left the truth and paid his life for it. I wonder about Prince and why he would join the JW's after what happened to Micheal?

  • dinah

    My Mom told me he can come back in the resurrection. I almost threw up.

    But kept that fake smile on my face.

  • Yizuman

    My Mom told me he can come back in the resurrection. I almost threw up.

    Here's a barf bag...

    And pass some of them to the kids too when and if they happen to see MJ anywhere...

    I better go before I get myself into more trouble....


  • mindmelda

    You're making me remember a lot of my own issues with the Witnesses and being raised in an authoritarian atmosphere. I'm a creative writer performer by nature, and there's no place for that among JWs.(I recently was offered a job as a live cooking demonstrator, a job that would have combined my love of cooking and performing in front of a crowd!)

    I felt ashamed of those desires among the Witnesses. It was labled immodest and worldly to want to be in the spotlight, to share your creative gifts. My fade began when I decided to write fiction and post it on the internet.

    It became my creative outlet and I even won two amateur writing awards. I still get dozens of people every week who write me "fan letters" about how much they enjoy my stories.

    I actually didn't put it together that I started to fade when I began to write fiction for a long time, but I always knew it was incompatible with being a Witness. I started leading the double life...I never told my Witness friends and family that I wrote stories about romance, science fiction, fantasy, action adventure.

    I doubt I'll ever be a paid author, but still, I've seen many other Witness youngsters with a creative bent suppressed by the JW lifestyle. My own children are creative, I have two that are amazing artists. My oldest daughter said, "I can't be an artist and be a Witness...not with my imagination!"

    She's right. The elves, dragons, fairies, zombies, monsters etc and other fantasy characters she loves to draw would be thought "demonic" by the Witnesses.

    My son loves to draw knights,soldiers and robots.

    No imagination allowed in JW land. I too believe that's why a highly creative person like Michael probably never felt accepted by the Witnesses.

  • Dogpatch

    Yiz is on a roll!

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