What Was It That Finally Got You To Leave The Organization?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • oompa

    when i found out we had our own "fake and fraudulant" bible!.....and they know it....and told me not to tell anybody else......how stoopid...you command some people not to say anything...and duh.....they cant shut up.......like me..........oompa

  • villabolo

    How the organization worships itself switching Jehovah and Jesus for itself. It's a situation where the name of Jehovah is nothing more than a brand name for their organization.

  • jamiebowers

    When the elders told me that I had to choose between remaining in an abusive marriage or stalk a dangerously mentally ill husband until he decided whether to commit adultery or murder.

  • jaguarbass

    January 1, 1976

  • skeeter1

    Higher education, followed by the change in the generation of 1914, followed by the blood doctrine, the United Nations....the Dominos all started to fall.

  • Scully

    The WT or Awake issue that tried to convince people that JWs are not a cult. I had already learned the actual criteria of what identified a group as cult-like, and when the WTS tried to twist the logic and rationalize and leave out important things, I just knew they were full of $h!t.

  • WTWizard

    Being told to just meet men at the a$$emblies, on more than one individual occasion. That tells me that they want me in the Value Destroyer Training School--something I am not interested in. The lesson they should learn is that you don't set up all the "sisters" to reject me, tell me to just meet men, and then expect me to do you any further favors.

  • minimus

    January 1, 1976


  • wobble

    Watchtower Feb 15th 1994 Has 2 articles on cults. Really amazing how they can write this stuff.

    I am going to do one for them on "Is the WTbs really a publishing corporation ?" which proves that they have never published anything---- true.



  • mouthy

    The BOOT!!! Yes when I admitted I didnt believe,,>>>, I could teach that Jesus came INVISABLY
    in 1914..... They lifted their boots all three of them & kicked me up the Bum 1987( OUT THE DOOR
    Knowing I believed I was a Judas.I had no where to go!!!I was evil, ( after my husband had died 1985)
    I should have listened to him, He said "they wont bother about you when I am dead"
    Truer words were never spoken ,They Dont look after the Widows...
    .In fact they have taught my daughter " I am the DEvils Kin" of course she is going to obey
    the old men at Brooklyn Bethel I taught HER that was GODS VOICE peice
    Shame on me!!!!

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