Relapse: I'm considering returning to the Kingdom Hall.

by Blue Grass 56 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • The-Borg


    It's a destructive cult. Why do you think Steve Hassan mentions them in his book?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    You'll be worshiping the 'faithful slave class' again soon enough.....remember to check with them before you choose a Tie and shirt color.

  • MissingLink

    If you really believe the Bible, then I suspect you believe in some sort of eternal reward for doing the "right thing". Do you really think allying yourself with a deciptful organization that puts themselves in the place of Christ is going to score you points with the big man? Sounds like a lose-lose plan.

  • reniaa

    Hi bluegrass

    This has to be your choice or you'll never be satisfied with it, I can only say for myself it was believing in Jehovah and his son Jesus and the depth of bible truths that made me go back to my faith. I was deeply unhappy with the Jesus worship offered by other Christian religions when Jesus never wanted it and he himself praised his father and his God utterly. I am glad you enjoyed the assembly.

    Take care hun


  • LouBelle

    Hey BlueGrass - it can be very lonely when you leave the witness faith behind. Making new friends isn't that easy when you're older - I know from first hand experience. - your friendships should be already there. I personally only have a few and I treasure them.

    No one can talk you out of going back - no matter your reasons. This is your life friend and only you should decide if you want to go back.

    If you want to meet new people, try organise a get together / bbq at your place and invite work mates, and tell them to bring friends, join a social club of some sort - star gazing club, motor racing, athletics...anything that you're interested in. Perhaps even see if there are people on here that you could meet up with.

    I wish you well in your journey.

  • slimboyfat

    Somehow use of the word "relapse" tells me your heart is not in this idea of going back.

  • mouthy

    Blue Grass ..You must do what YOU want to do. But as the Granny on board
    my suggestion would do as Jah! said ."Listen to my son"
    His SOn is Jesus. Not Micheal as the WT teaches. So make sure you continue
    to speak to Jesus .Even if your back into bondage. As long as you knock on many doors,
    dont masturbate,dont have any doubts about the men that order your footsteps.
    place many Watchtowers, & awakes,dont mix with any other women but the JW's..
    I am sure you will eventually come to realize you are not your own..
    They tell you not to think independently ,Yet the Creator gave you a brain to THINK/
    What ever you decide may you find peace.....( I made 10 folks JWs doing all I was trained to do)
    They now must hate any who leave the WT... Whereas I thought I was preaching LOVE!!!
    OOps was I wrong. Welcome to the board...

    GRace Gough /Canada.

  • isaacaustin
    isaacaustin me. let's talk.

  • Scully


    However I must admit that i really do miss being around people who show respect for the Bible, as oppose to all the atheist I've been meeting since leaving the Witnesses.

    Well, if you want to be around people who respect superstitious myths and violent, misogynistic, homophobic tyrants, rather than people who love truth and facts and evidence, who am I to talk you out of it?? After all, I'm just a lowly truth-seeking atheist.

    Also I do find the women in the "truth" to be much better as oppose to "worldly" women for a guy in his early 20s

    Oh, yeah, of course. You're looking for one of those Quiet And Mild Spirit™ types of women who will let you be THE MAN, and who will cook your dinner, clean your house, raise your kids and who won't say $h!t even if her mouth is full of it. You're looking for one of those sexually inexperienced girls, dare I say it, a VIRGIN, so you can be the only one to "own" her. You're looking for someone who will allow you to control her, and subscribes to a religious ideology that facilitates your misogynistic wet dream.

    Well, nobody is going to stop you from going back to the JWs. Do it if you want to do it. But just be totally honest with yourself about your reasons for doing so... don't try to sugar coat it by claiming that "the women are better" or that "people who respect the bible" are better. Your reasons, no matter the external justifications, are motivated by SELF interest and nothing more. Even if you believe you are doing it because you "love Jehovah", the truth is that the carrot of (a) surviving Armageddon™, (b) living forever in (c) Paradise appeals to greed and SELF interest. Just know that, going in. I'm not going to tell you not to go back. You have every right to screw up your life if that's what you really want.

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