Relapse: I'm considering returning to the Kingdom Hall.

by Blue Grass 56 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • oompa

    i understand you 100%!! bluegrass.......esp after a DC....I get the poontang angle!!.......geeze there really are a TON of hot chicks at these things...what man WOULDNT consider going back in a moment of DO it...but cruise a few halls first and get the dirt on the hot "bad association" chicks....even better if they have been dfd or reproved!....jw sluts rock yet there not really "bad" by most standards!......and there is a much better chance they will walk away with you into the sunset as you leave the hall for fact get it set up so the wedding at the hall is the last time you are ever in one..........lmao..............oompa

    damm i think i am going to the dc next weekend..........

  • sarahbear76

    Hey Blue Grass,

    I can definitely sympathize with you, I yo yo'd back and forth because of the social asspect of it. You shouldn't be a part of a religion for social reasons that's not why you go to the meetings. That's how they hook you. My sister is always trying to get me to go back by baiting me with social outings. It may take awhile but you will find excellent people out there. There are just as many good people outside as there are inside the "truth". The bad ones outside are just more honest lol. I can speak from experience that the young ones in the hall aren't always what they seem, there are a lot of double lives going on inside the organization. Have faith, I was in the same perdicament (excuse my horrid spelling). I'm 24 years old and have been out of the religion for five years, while I still have my ups and downs I am much happier now. I have found wonderful people to share my time with that don't do drugs, go to clubs ect. If you are ever up in Canada pm me we'll introduce you to some awesome people!

    Lots of love,

    Sarah :o)

  • flipper

    BLUEGRASS - Welcome to the board ! You will have to make the decision that only you are comfortable with and only you can live with. I was raised in the witnesses and it took me 44 years to get out. But I'm happy I did and have my freedom of thought. If you disagree with the witnesses teachings as you mentioned they put too much emphasis on the governing body and " faithful and discreet slave " then you need to think what this would do to you psychologically in your mind and emotions keeping going to meetings while you don't believe it. In time we can only fool ourselves so long. Your authentic, real personality will win out in the end , not the witness " cult " personality - and you may end up wasting many years like I did . If I was you at 21 - if I had to do it all over , I'd have gone to college and got a good education. Think about what course you take. YOUR LIFE is valuable - and I guarantee you , that you value your life more than the WT society does. So be smart. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sarahbear76

    Well said Flipper!

  • song19

    I see what you're saying, the atmosphere at a DC or even while attending the KH is pleasant with all the love bombing.... its picture perfect. If you're ok with conditional friends showing conditional love (i.e. they will only be your friend if you put 110% into the borg)... than go for it. Someone once told me shortly after I left, you are allowed to choose your friends... as astonishing as that was to hear! I couldn't believe I didn't have to be friends with my crack head neighbors. I have found some good wholesome friends and I have found a few not so wholesome friends for when I want to get wild and crazy... but the choice is mine. Sadly as a member of the borg, my friends status depended on how many hours I put in the FS and how many meetings I attended, and how many comments I made... etc. If I didn't show up on Sunday, I never ever had plans to go out. And for the life of me, I could never find anyone I truly liked or could relate too... I was forced to be friends with people I probably wouldn't gravitate to in the first place. I am not an outgoing person, I tend to shy away from people and my social skills, what social skills… my friend count right now is minimal so I do experience loneliness often, plus my folks partially shun me... but even with all that, I am not going back. You might get the instant gratification if you return, but it will soon fade... (arggg, I got baggage LOL)

    good luck

  • shamus100


    If you do go back you can go back with your bud Oompa.

  • kurtbethel

    Some people will criticize a dog for returning to its vomit. I do not, as that would be projecting my views on the dog. Vomit can taste really great, if you are a dog.

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