Have you ever had your palm read, fortune told, or read your horoscope etc?

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Okay then, we'll do the test in reverse if it will make you more comfortable. You post the descriptions for all of those dates, without telling me which goes with which date, then, the test for accuracy will be if I can pick the descrition that matches my personality, being intimately familiar with myself. If it's the correct date, I'll concede that your book may be accurate.

    The test, however, has to be blind.

  • jamiebowers

    My stepmother and I saw a fortune teller once. Everything she told my stepmom was nonsense. Everything she told me came true.

  • restrangled

    I haven't found my book yet, I have no idea. You definatley stirke me as the leo type but then when I think about it quite possibly Aquarius. Who knows, I'm probably way off.

    5/17 This is cancer....very sensitive romantic

    4/1 Taurus

    4/28 Taurus

    7/30 Leo

    3/12 Pisces

    12/9 Saggitarius

    11/10 Scorpio

    2/14 Aquarius

  • restrangled

    CT russell...you are too funny!


  • restrangled

    It's my bed time JD..PM your birthday and I'll look for the book tomorrow.

    Its all fun....don't get that tin foil twisted into a knot.


  • John Doe
    John Doe
    It's my bed time JD..PM your birthday and I'll look for the book tomorrow.

    For the test to work, I must not know which description is for my birthday. That is the only way to test the accuracy of your book. Like I said, post the descriptions for each of the birthdays posted, and scramble them so I don't know which is which. You do this, and I'll choose in good faith the description that best matches me. Then, we'll compare notes. Fair enough?

  • WTWizard

    I view horoscopes as entertainment only. If you rely on past history and present trend, it is possible to make decent predictions based solely on these pieces of information alone, and tie in the horoscope to get the illusion of accuracy (in fact, the better psychics actually do this). A good, honest psychic will rely heavily on past history and present trend, and get close to perfect accuracy (allowing for the inevitable changes that are unpredictable). Notably, those "positive thinking" cults rely on this--people tend to think along the lines of past history and present trend. If these are negative, negative thinking results and is usually correct--and forced positive thinking will always (or almost always) go bust. If good things tend to happen, those people will think positively based on past history and present trend, and usually be correct.

    In fact, the horoscopes I have read in the newspapers are almost always wrong. Those horoscopes take a few basic rules and compose a guess about what is coming based on those rules, and are usually not accurate. Still, they can be entertaining to read--plus a slap in Jehovah's face.

  • chickpea

    way way WAY back in the day
    my older brother used to do tarot readings....

    i think we were always pretty stoned

    he died in 1989

    i have been stone cold sober in 1990
    (pun intended)

    things have never been the same

  • Uzzah

    I have had two readings. Both were almost exactly the same, stating I am a very old soul 2,000 years plus and that I will have an reasonable existance but will come into a money making venture later on in life.

    They both spoke of a spiritual turmoil but that I would come to rest in mid life with my spirituality.

    It was alll vague enough to question but close enough to make me wonder. Having two say the same thing either means accuracy or I give off the same 'tells'

  • LouBelle

    I've always read my horoscope - not that I believe it much, plus I'm on the cusp of a setting aries and rising taurus so I get bumped from ram to bull here and there.

    I went with a cousin of mine - she had her palm read / fortune telling - it was interesting - nothing too hectic.

    I wonder if my palm could be read - I have a horrific scar that would interfere with it.

    I'm interested in dream interpretation though.

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