...Why has JWD/JWN Lasted so Long?...

by OUTLAW 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dagney

    I think because it is interesting in its diversity.

    Some boards only want people who think exactly the same, and do not appreciate different viewpoints. They provide a community for each other, but there is no real growth as a citizen of the world, so to speak.

    This board was really intimidating to me and I lurked for a long while before I joined. I now have met quite a few people from here and count many as close friends. That is such a gift, I am very grateful. (Off point I know.)

    But this is the board that gets it first...that the others glean the news from. Very cool.


    The board was intimidating for me too.....That was in the early days of JWD.....It was a Wild West Show back then...................LOL!!...OUTLAW

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