...Why has JWD/JWN Lasted so Long?...

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I would have to give much credit to freeminds.org. While I don't go there much anymore because I have read a bunch of what it says already, my initial JW google searches did not get me here, but got me there among other places. Once I was at home in freeminds.org, I made JWD a regular habit from the links.

    JW's are searching for answers, there's tons of them out there, but some make it easier to learn than others. I learned so much that I didn't know. Stuff like, a former GB member wrote 2 books, what the "millions now living" campaign came from, the UN involvement. I needed to know that others were going through what I went through.

  • poppers

    For those who are exiting, have been, or are still dubs and have issues with that this board continues to fill a need. For others who have no connection to JWs, such as myself, this board is filled with very interesting people, making this place an enjoyable place to be. Thanks Simon, moderators, and all participants.

  • poppers

    How many People are Happy,I can finally make a Frigg`n Paragraph??!!

    Raises hand . What took you so long? What was the breakthrough that lead to this welcome development?

  • minimus

    'cause a me.

  • shamus100

    Yeah, because Minimus is gay! Yeah! (crickets...)

  • minimus
  • shamus100

    I know... I'll shut up now.

  • snowbird

    Ok, to answer your last question: I think I like your old style better! As I stated to you before, it was your signature.



  • vikesgirl101

    We're diverse. There is a mix of all relgions/athiests/agnostics/spiritual - most of us have the common denominator of being an exjw and we "get" each other from the word go....depsite all the differences.

    I think this quote by Loubelle hits it dead on. We all have a common denominator. For me, I had been seeing a therapist that suggested that I find a website for recovering JW's. I have liked the chemistry of this board far more than the others.


    Lou Belle..True we do have a real mix here..

    Leftbelow..I think JWN has become a softer version of JWD..A much kinder place..

    AlltimeJeff.."I also like complete sentences and....... complete thoughts.... LOL!!!!!"..............Your are so funny!!..The paragraghs make it much easier to make a complete thoughts more visible....Actually I don`t consider the WBT$ and the JW`s one and the same..The dollar sign at the end of WBT$ ,happened after I saw what was the most important to them$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..Money!!...........................................Sylvia..My old style..For you and AllTime Jeff..LOL!!

    OtWo..I give Randy a lot of credit for his board also "FreeMinds"..Randys board was one of the first I read..We are also lucky enough to have Randy as a member of this board..

    Poppers..Yes we have more than a few people here who are not JW`s..

    Minimus..You are one of the Characters here for sure..LOL!!

    Then theres Shamus the Gay monkey..LOL!!


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