...Why has JWD/JWN Lasted so Long?...

by OUTLAW 21 Replies latest jw friends


    JW dicussion Boards come and go.....Most people have good intentions and try to make thier board,the best they can..

    Good intentions don`t make a board.....Good intentions don`t make a board ,that has reached Super Star Status,in Dub World!!..

    JWD/JWN is a Frigg`n Phenomenon in Dub World!!.....JWD/JWN has Rocked the House for Years!!..

    What makes our Board so Durable?......Is it our Characters?..

    Is it because We as a Group,have stuck together?...........Is it Simon and the Mods who do such an incredible job,to keep a safe place for us all to come home to?..

    Is it the Topics and the Freedom to speak our mind on them?..

    Why has JWD/JWN Lasted so Long?


    How many People are Happy,I can finally make a Frigg`n Paragraph??!!


  • Hope4Others

    Yes there are lots of characters and your one of them....we luv ya!!!!



    H4O..Thanks girl!...................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • LouBelle

    We're diverse. There is a mix of all relgions/athiests/agnostics/spiritual - most of us have the common denominator of being an exjw and we "get" each other from the word go....depsite all the differences.

  • leftbelow

    I lurked briefly on a site that I believe was kind of the beginning of this board (H2O) But I wasn't ready for it. Then about 5 years ago I started lurking on JWD and did that for a year before I got the nerve up to join and slowly but surely I worked up the courage to post.

    The one constant has been that even when my post may not make sense nobody ever made me feel like that was true I always felt safe here to revel as much or as little as I wanted and more important to read and learn from the more active posters here. It's a tribute to Simon and all of you regular posters here who serve and protect the rest of us as we tread into a new chapter of our lives.

    So thanks to you all!!!

  • AllTimeJeff

    I think it somewhat of a coincidence, but the mix of charecters and mods, plus VERY helpful information, along with a dash of incorrect rumor mongering and gossip make this a great place.

    Outlaw, I am glad you figured out paragraphs....but I will miss the old style.....and how you call JW's the WTBT$........hope that doesn't change......I also like complete sentences and....... complete thoughts.... LOL!!!!!


  • bluecanary

    Outlaw, I for one am thrilled that I can actually read your post.

  • WTWizard

    The board lasts this long because it produces enough value for people to continually join and stay. You do have a few people that stir up predictions that are far-out, which in turn gets people to think of what outlandish possibilities may be in store for the witlesses (including predictions about what will next be banned, or if they are going to require everyone to live in compounds). You also have people that agree with 99% of what they put out, along with people that hate the organization. There is the mix of people with strong Christian backgrounds and people that hate God, and everything in between.

    Plus, we have moderators that tend to be just right. Not so strict that they drive everyone away, but strict enough to drive the troublemakers to start their own forums (which usually go nowhere--I have seen a few of those boards with only 50 or so posts after a year). That is what prevents a few people from flaming everything and everyone, posting spam of all kinds (usually porn, prescription drug ads, insurance products of questionable value, and cigarettes), and generally making things miserable for those who want to keep it as a discussion board for religion in general and Jehovah's Witlesses in particular.

  • parakeet
    bluecanary: Outlaw, I for one am thrilled that I can actually read your post.

    Another bird joins JWN! Welcome to the flock. There's Psychotic Parrot, Finally Free (whose avatar is a cockatoo named Rocco), FlyingHighNow, and many others. The reason? Apostates of a feather flock together.

  • snowbird

    This board has lasted because of the bright, caring, compassionate nature of the posters.

    Take yours truly as an example. I live in no man's land; there are days when I have no contact with anyone else but the people with whom I work and those on this board. No one makes me feel foolish, inept, or otherwise out of place here.

    I like that.


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