Candy To A Jehovahs Witness: Anti - Depressants.

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  • m.seagull

    Don't get me wrong, I don't like JWs any more than most of you. My entire point is JWs are not exclusive in this. The whole country I live in is medicated to their eyeballs.

    I notice you say someone has to be brain-dead and retarded not to realize cult religions cause people to take depression meds. Little wonder. Trapped and always looking to someone else to solve their problems, some authority or this idea that all they need to do is hold on until the end of this "system" plays a big part in the depression they must feel. JWs seem not to have a sense of personal responsibility or power over their own lives.

    But. Again, this is a huge western culture epidemic, especially in countries where pharmaceutical companies thrive. You can't watch one program without a barrage of ad commercials. And don't get me started on the ED ones.

    Everyone, non-jws included, are being talked into taking medication even doing something recreational like watching TV. And what bugs me most is I see the truly mentally ill functioning much better than those whose GPs just hand these drugs out freely.

    #1 pet peeve is going to a GP for what you need to be seeing a shrink for.

  • shamus100

    My entire point is JWs are not exclusive in this. The whole country I live in is medicated to their eyeballs.

    Completely agreed.

    My #1 pet peeve is relying on a message board for what you should be going to a shrink for, and using it as an exclusive way to "get better".

    May I ask you about the ED ones? I don't even know what it stands for so I can do a little reading. Thank you very much.

  • freeman

    You may want to do some research for yourself, but it is unfortunately an established fact that mental illness, including clinical depression is far more prevalent in Jehovah’s Witness then the general population. I have never read a study that nailed down precisely why such is the case, but the fact that it is true really sucks.


    • Kjell Totland "The Mental Health of Jehovah's' Witnesses." Journal of the Norwegian Psychological Association
    • Ursula Sack. Case Studies of Voluntary Defectors from Intensive Religious Groups (Ph.D. Diss. University of California, 1985).
    • Janner "Die Forensisch--Psychiatrishe Und Sanitatsdienstilche Beurteilung bon Diestrweigern," (The Forensic, Psychiatric and Military Medical Assessment of conscientious Objectors), Schweitz Med. Wschr., Vol.92, 1963, 89-826
    • John Spencer. "Mental Health Among Jehovah's Witnesses," British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 126, 1975, 556.
    • Elmer Koppl. Die Zeugen Jehovas; Eine Psychologische Analyses. (Ph. D. Thesis Germany, 1985).

    That’s just a few, many more exist.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Shamus asked: "May I ask you about the ED ones?"

    psst, buddy, that stands for Erectile Dysfunction... and I do mean "stands". You know, pop a pill... pop a boner.

    A relative works in an ER... "Emergency Room" and these young guys come in with exhaustion for hours-long woodies fairly often. hahaha

    Perhaps if more dubs got pills for ED, they wouldn't need as many AD pills... just kidding seagull

    B the X

  • shamus100

    Thank you freeman, thank you thank you! I really appreciate your posting this.

    I will be looking into it when I get some time here - gotta run.

  • shamus100

    The proof is in the pudding!

    Exerpt from Kjell Toland:

    He also concluded that individual Witnesses tended to be burdened with a variety of serious concerns and often joined

    the sect in an effort to solve their many problems

    Pescor, in the first study on American Witness mental health, diagnosed as psychotic over seven percent of his total

    sample (n=177) of young males imprisoned due to obeying the Watchtower's prohibition against complying with military

    regulations.[13] The sample was obtained by interviewing all selective service violators admitted to the Federal prison

    medical center during the study. The level of Witness psychosis in his sample was about seventeen times higher than

    that for the population as a whole. A whopping seven percent were diagnosed psychotic, four percent had other mental

    abnormalities and fully one quarter were rated socially maladjusted. Sixteen percent of Pescor's sample were on

    hospital status and forty-four percent of these were diagnosed psychotic.

    There is nothing sad about truth - to anyone who wants to see what the witlesses really are, it's pretty apperant. Guess there's just part 1 of the truth about "da truuf". Happiest people on earth, my ass.

    Taken from:

  • shamus100

    ED, erectile disfunction? Oh my christ... how lame.

    I obviously don't suffer from it at all. No siree... nope. No, never. Nope..

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