Candy To A Jehovahs Witness: Anti - Depressants.

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  • shamus100

    And why do people go on anti-depressants? Why do most people get depressed?

    Most people get depressed because something is wrong in theyre lives. What better way to get through the day than be on medication, or self-medicate yourself with alcohol, which is just as popular.

    Anti-depressants should be used short-term, and not long-term as per my doctor at the time. Cognitave therapy should be used in conjunction with them to get your life back on track, and to help. I strongly feel that you must never go on those drugs without it. They should be thought of as a short-term solution if they are used at all.

    But alas, in dubdom land, you cannot see a counsellor, lest people look at you like your nuts. Jehovah always provides you with help, doesn't he? Rely on the spaghetti-monster, and if you cannot, it's still your fault. And if the spaghetti-monster doesn't help you with your depression, then it must be chemical so you had better be on AD's for the rest of your life, or so the thinking goes.

    It took me years to get off that shit - and guess what happened when I got off them? My depression vanished! Astonishing! It's been proven that AD's actually make the symptoms worse in many people - therefore, they need to switch from this med to this med to this med, and on and on. When I told my psychyatrist this, he said this type of thing is more common than you think, and he

    Or you could just find out why you are depressed and fix the problem.

  • Robdar

    Or you could just find out why you are depressed and fix the problem.

    I agree with the above statement.

    It takes fortitude to objectively look at your life, pinpoint the problem, and then fix it. It also takes honesty.

    Unfortunately, making a decision to find the problem and fixing it is just too difficult for most people.

  • shopaholic

    When we were teens, my sister was severely depressed because she did not believe it to be the truth. The CO actually recommended that she take medication because it seemed to help a number of folks in the circuit with their doubts. Must have worked, she started pioneering a few months later and will soon have almost two decades in the work.

  • shamus100


    Not at all uncommon in dubland.

    When I left the cult I was still on that shit. When I really went off it for good, my brain could actually function without the dumbing down side-effects. Taking time to research the 'loving religion' showed it for what it really was.

    I haven't had a re-ocurrence. That was about five years ago now, and I live normally with all the ups and downs that life throws at you. \

    Had I actually did it years before, I would have been out of the cult much sooner.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Sadly its mostly female JWS that seek attention for depression and anxiety related to the JWS more than men,

    one obvious reason being that woman are deliberately put down and second classed by the authoritative men in the religion.

    Woman are muzzeled and kept into subjection to the males orcustrated of course by the holy rules.

  • shamus100


    Self-esteem issues are as common as cheap dresses and suits at a circiut assembly. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see it - even the trolls, past and present and, I'm sure, future. Ad's make it all better - or alcohol.

    Whatever gets you through living a lie.

  • misguided

    I work in a medical clinic. Only 2 of our JW patients (of about15) are not on antidepressants. I was on antidepressants before I left JW....leaving cured me! I've not taken an antidepressant and 10 years now!

  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    The wife of our C.O. was on anti-depressants. She was a cute little thing--always smiling and laughing. I was out in service with her one day and she told she was feeling so much better now that she was on depression medicine. That explains why she was like a stepford wife. I don't doubt that there is a real need for this stuff but I agree with the above comments. The poor C.O. wife has too much on her plate and again I blame her husband for not taking her needs into consideration!!! MEOW

    Pandora's cat

  • The-Borg

    We recently visited Australia, we were shocked at the amount of witnesses on anti-depressents. It became a bit of a joke after a while that every other witness we met was either bi polar or depressed and on tablets.

    Jehovah's shiny happy people!

  • shamus100

    Of all my "friends" left in the lie, only one is not on AD's.

    I would appreciate more comments if you have any info in your area.

    Misguided, it does not suprise me one little bit. It's shocking how many people resort to drugs to fix they're problem. Wouldn't it be nice to find an AD study according to religion?

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